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With deadline looming, why hasn’t Ontario signed a child-care deal yet?

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With the end of the fiscal year looming — which could mean losing this year’s funds — and parents in other provinces already seeing reduced fees, the clock is ticking for Ford’s government.
Kennedy, Brendan
Publication Date: 
7 Mar 2022


It has been more than a month since Premier Doug Ford said Ontario was “very, very close” to reaching a deal with the federal government on a new child-care agreement that promises to cut parent fees in half by the end of this year and bring $10-a-day daycare to the province by 2026.

But earlier this week, Karina Gould, the federal minister in charge of the file, said she was still waiting for Ontario to submit an action plan for how it will spend its share of the federal funding — $10.2 billion over five years — and that meaningful negotiations can’t truly begin until that happens.