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New web hub, learning and professional development resources now available for Yukon early childhood educators

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Government of Yukon
Publication Date: 
9 Aug 2022


This is a joint release with the Government of Canada. 

Learning and professional development for educators is key in creating a universal child care system that is high-quality, affordable, accessible and inclusive for Yukon children. Through the 2021–2022 to 2024–2025 Canada–Yukon Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, the governments of Canada and Yukon are providing funding of $200,000 to support early childhood educators employed in licensed programs with continued learning and development opportunities.

Early childhood educators can access up to $500 in enhanced bursaries for learning and development opportunities. Bursary funding will also be available to assist Yukon residents studying in the field of early learning, supporting both full- and part-time studies, and credited and non-credit coursework. Additionally, early learning program operators and partners will be contracted to create and deliver professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.

Funding is available for educators to:

- learn and apply new knowledge and skills;

- enhance high quality programming for Yukon children;

- advance their education; and

- achieve full certification as a level 3 early childhood educator.

In addition, the Government of Yukon has launched a new Early Learning Educators Web Hub that can be found at The new Hub is a virtual network that provides early childhood educators:

- access to online courses and resources;

- information on Yukon early learning events and updates; and

- information on funding for educators and more.

Early learning programs and educators are encouraged to reach out to for more information about opportunities, funding and additional support.

"Early childhood educators do incredible work in nurturing and educating our children. By providing early childhood educators with the tools, resources, and development opportunities they need, we are supporting their growth and the growth of a high-quality child care system in the Yukon"

Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould

"Part of our plan in providing Yukon families with access to high-quality, affordable universal child care is ensuring that early childhood educators can get the training and education they need to best support young learners. Bursaries will help educators in licensed programs further their skill development and create stronger, more inclusive learning environments for Yukon kids."

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean

Quick facts 

The Early Learning Educators Web Hub is live at

Several other supports for the Yukon’s early learning programs and educators have recently been announced:

an accelerated Professional Diploma Pathway (PDP) program at Yukon University, to help educators with Level 3 Equivalent certification reach full Level 3 status;

an investment of $145,000 for Yukon University to enhance early learning course offerings in rural Yukon communities;

access to funding for comprehensive insurance benefits for educators as part of universal child care, through the new Early Learning and Child Care Benefits Funding program; and

Cultural enhancement funding to assist educators and operators with developing enhanced, culturally rich, early learning programs and environments.

Early learning programs and educators are encouraged to reach out to for more information about opportunities, funding, and additional support.