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Women, business and the law 2024: Breaking down barriers to achieve gender equality

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World Bank
Publication Date: 
5 Mar 2024


Women worldwide continue to have fewer legal rights than men and that the weak implementation of gender equality laws exacerbates gender gaps. For the first time, Women, Business and the Law analyzes not only the pace of legal reforms to create equal economic opportunities for women, but also countries’ efforts to implement those laws. The report finds a shocking implementation gap in all 190 economies measured. Join us on March 5th for the launch of the Women, Business and the Law 2024 report and data! Key actors from multilateral organizations as well as from the public, private, and non-profit sectors will draw on the report’s findings and discuss ways to advance women's economic empowerment with legal, policy, and institutional reform. The event will explore pathways for governments, the private sector, and civil society to break down barriers in law, policy, and institutions to achieve gender equality. By adopting and implementing laws that strengthen women’s rights, economies will advance not only women’s economic empowerment but also spark economic growth and social resilience.