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Children with special needs: The need for child care

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SpeciaLink: The National Centre for Child Care Inclusion
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2005

Excerpts from the fact sheet:

Who are the children with special needs?

An estimated 10% of children have special needs that require some level of additional supports and/or consultation and training to assure their full participation in community-based, "regular" child care programs. These children are characterized as having disabilities, delays or disorders in the areas of physical, social, intellectual, communicative, emotional, and/or behavioural development.

Why inclusion? Segregation is never appropriate.

- Legally, interpretations of the Charter of Rights and provincial human rights codes will soon mandate inclusion.

- Effectively, children with special needs benefit from inclusive settings. So do typical children.

- Morally, segregation on the grounds of disabling conditions unfairly excludes one group from the culturally normative setting, and is thus never appropriate.

- Societally, children need to get along comfortably with a wide variety of people.

An inclusive setting encourages tolerance, understanding and cooperation in all children.