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First Nations early learning and child care action plan

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Assembly of First Nations
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2005

Excerpts from the action plan:

The overall goal of the First Nations Early Learning and Child Care Action Plan is a First Nations controlled and sustainable child care system that adopts a holistic, culturally appropriate approach.

An effective First Nations Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) network must be comprehensive and relevant to the needs of First Nations children, families and communities.

First Nations believe that the fundamental aspect to developing a responsive and comprehensive early learning and child care system for First Nations children requires an equal partnership with First Nations parents, Elders and communities.

First Nations ELCC programs and services must reflect the fact that First Nations children are members of distinct Nations and cultural groups, each with its own systems of beliefs, values, and traditions. First Nations communities must be supported to develop ELCC approaches based upon their own cultures.

A comprehensive First Nations ELCC system must be universally accessible to all children regardless of residency, geographic location, ability or need. Programs must be flexible enough to be responsive to infants and children with special needs. Adequate funding is required to ensure that all First Nations children are able to access needed services and programs.