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Kindergarten program, 2006

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Government of Ontario. Ministry of Education.
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Publication Date: 
18 Jul 2006


This document replaces The Kindergarten Program, 1998. Beginning in September 2006, all Kindergarten programs will be based on the expectations outlined in this document.

To give each child the best start possible, it is essential that Kindergarten programs provide a variety of learning opportunities and experiences that are based on assessment information and the strengths, needs, and interests of the children. Although Kindergarten programs are critical in laying the foundations for success in learning, the Kindergarten years are also an important time in children's total development. Teachers, early childhood educators, members of the community, and families should work together to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences that will build children's confidence, encourage them to continue to see learning as both enjoyable and useful, and provide a strong foundation for their future intellectual, physical, and social development.