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Listening to Families research project

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Daycare Trust
Publication Date: 
1 Aug 2007

See links to individual reports below.

Project description:

The Listening to Families project, funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families aims to explore the experiences of, views on, and needs for childcare among families in England today.

The main workstrands for Listening to Families are:

1. Listening to Parents (October 2006 &em; July 2007): this involves extensive consultation with parents through questionnaires and focus groups exploring their use of childcare, their experiences and views of childcare provision, as well as where they believe there are gaps in provision and what would help them use more, or any, childcare.

2. Listening to Children (June 2007 &em; March 2008): this is a very exciting part of the research involving consultation with children about their childcare arrangements.

3. Listening to Families about Childcare (March 2008 &em; March 2009): Using the findings from workstrands one and two, and through more targeted fieldwork and research, we will explore how effective consultation with families can happen.

Available reports:

Listening to parents of children with disabilities and special educational needs

Listening to lone parents about childcare

Listening to black and minority ethnic parents about childcare

Findings from Listening to Families research: October 2006 - May 2007