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Development of social-support networks by recent Chinese immigrant women with young children living in London, Ontario

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CERIS Working Paper No.66
Da, Wei Wei
Publication Date: 
1 May 2008

Description: CERIS (The Joint Centre of Excellent for Research in Immigration Studies and Ontario Metropolis centre) has released a new research working paper (No. 66). The study was guided by two research questions: Where do recent Chinese immigrant women with young children go for information on child-rearing? Where and to whom do they turn to when they want help in raising young children in a new socio-cultural context? Da examined cultural values and beliefs about child-rearing; perceptions of child-rearing practices in Canada; child-rearing experiences of women after their immigration; the impact on child-rearing of immigration; and the nature of their social-support system in London, Ontario Four recommendations are made in the report: Child care is perceived as one of the major barriers for professional immigrant women who are expected to pursue their careers after immigration. More affordable child care spaces, with extended hours, was strongly encouraged by the participants. Religious participation and mental health should be given more attention by the existing settlement service organizations. Information about prenatal and postnatal services should be circulated in immigrant communities and there should be increased outreach to first-time immigrant mothers. Government and other websites on settlement should ensure links to ethno-racial and immigrant communities are included as well, translations on important information be provided on-line.