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Early years: From Reggio Emilia to the West Midlands

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Publication Date: 
10 Jan 2009


The programme gives a flavour of the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Years education, rooted in a fascinating post-war history that gave rise to the value and study of childhood.

The Reggio Emilia method is made possible through a carefully articulated and collaborative approach to the care and education of young children.

Two nurseries exemplify how the many UK practitioners, who have made study visits to Reggio, are developing their own ways of working with young children.

Whilst maintaining the Early Years curriculum requirements, both prioritise child-centred learning and creativity and are getting excellent results.

One nursery uses an artist in residence. The other emphasises "learning journeys" for each child, which means having a flexible timetable to accommodate a trip to the woods.
Far from trying to imitate the Reggio approach wholesale, the staff are keen to debate implications for their own settings, including ideas about relationships between the child, the teacher and the school.