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Alberta Journal of Education Research, Issue 56 (3)

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Blurring the Boundaries of Early Childhood Education's Theory/Practice Divide
Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica & Prochner, Larry (Guest Editors)
Publication Date: 
3 Nov 2010

Full articles available by subscription or library access only. Introduction available free online. Links to article abstracts listed below.

Excerpt from the introduction:

This journal issue began with a conversation between Larry Prochner and myself at the Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference in June 2008 held in Victoria, British Columbia. We discussed the idea of bringing together a group of Canadian early childhood education scholars who have been inspired by reconceptualist ideas to make their work more visible and simultaneously to further develop this important body of knowledge. Our hope was that this issue, in conjunction with other existing reconceptualist-informed work, could open spaces for rethinking practice in early childhood education in Canada.

Article abstracts:

The integration of cognitive and sociocultural theories of literacy development: Why? How?
- Katherine Davidson

"Where do we find the time to do this?" Struggling against the tyranny of time
- Sherry Rose, Pam Whitty

Mind the gap: Destabilizing dominant discourses and beliefs about learning disabilities in a Bachelor of Education Program
- Luigi Iannacci, Bente Graham

Theorizing an early childhood educator's authority for the advancement of social goods
- Rachel Langford

Queering early childhood studies: Challenging the discourse of developmentally appropriate practice
- Zeenat Janmohamed

From theory to practice: Engaging immigrant parents in their children's education
- Judith K. Bernhard

Becoming intimate with developmental knowledge: Pedagogical explorations with collective biography
- Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Kathleen Kummen, Deborah Thompson