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Child care: Work place and economic development supports

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Presentation to Designing Work-Family Policies for Families, Employers and Gender Equity Lessons From the US and Around the Globe, Washington, DC Sept . 16, 2010, New America Foundation and Inst. for Women's Policy Research
Warner, Mildred
Publication Date: 
15 Sep 2010

Excerpts from the slides:

The economic importance of early care and education:

  • Children - Human development
  • Parents - Labor mobilization, career ladders
  • Regions - Critical social infrastructure for economic development

Child care promotes economic development:

  • 80% of economic developers see lack of affordable quality child care as a barrier to economic development (NYS and WI surveys 2005-2006).
  • 14% of local governments nationwide use loans, tax credits, business assistance to support child care (NLC/ICMA 2009 survey)
  • 90% of planners see families with young children as critical to the economic sustainability of communities (APA 2008 survey)

What's wrong with the child care market?

  • Parents lack effective demand - need subsidies
  • Low profitability yields insufficient supply of affordable, quality care
  • Hard to differentiate quality for providers and parents
  • Fragile businesses - few economies of scale
  • Recession reduces formal supply