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Nuri curriculum: The first step toward the integration of the split systems of early childhood education and care in Korea

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KICCE Policy Brief, Issue 2
Chang, Myung-Lim
Publication Date: 
27 Dec 2013


Report outlines the development, content and implementation of a new integrated curriculum for children ages 3-5 years in Korea. The curriculum will be used in both kindergarten and  child care centres. 

"The introduction was carried out with the expansion of the coverage and the amount of financial support for tuition in comparison with the previous nationally-funded ECEC curriculums.

  • Previous financial support was given only to children below the 70% income level. However, allchildren under the Nuri curriculum can now be subsidized regardless of their household income level.
  • The amount of financial support for tuition was 200,000 won per month in 2012. The increaseto 300,000 won monthly will have been phased in by 2016.

As a nationally-funded curriculum, children under the Nuri curriculum in both kindergartens and childcare centers are all funded from Local Office of Education (LOE), from grants provided by the [Ministry of Education]".