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Basic income: Rethinking social policy

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Himelfarb, Alex & Hennessy, Trish
Publication Date: 
6 Oct 2016



This compendium offers a wide range of considerations that any government or policy maker attempting to embed a basic income as an objective of their mandate ought to consider. The contributors to this compendium have different views on the risks and benefits of a basic income, but all agree that we must not waste this opportunity to rethink welfare and put equality and social justice back at the centre of public policy.

See the chapter 'Six principles to guide a basic income' on page 54 by Anita Khanna which notes that "... a basic income should lay the groundwork for improving population health and mental health by complementing needed programs, such as public prescription drug and dental coverage, income support programs for people with disabilities, early learning and child care programs, and parental leave benefits."