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Childcare and early years survey of parents in England, 2017

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Findings from the January 2017 to August 2017 survey of parents on childcare and early years.
Department for Education
Publication Date: 
20 Dec 2017


This publication provides information on a survey of parents with children aged 0 to 14. It covers parents’ use of childcare and early years provision, and their views and experiences, including:

  • what childcare is used by different types of families
  • changes in take-up of childcare over the years
  • parents’ reasons for using or not using childcare and for choosing particular providers
  • parents’ views on the providers they used and on childcare provision in their local area in general
  • the influence of childcare arrangements on mothers’ decisions about whether to go out to work and working patterns
  • the home learning environment, including the type and frequency of activities undertaken by parents with their children, such as reading and learning about words and numbers