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Platform analysis: Family affordability

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Gen Squeeze's analysis of the 2019 federal election family affordability platforms
Publication Date: 
14 Oct 2019

Excerpted from the introduction

This election, Generation Squeeze is undertaking a rigorous assessment of federal party platforms and commitments on four key issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability, and generational fairness in public finance.

Our mission: to help voters better understand how far each party's platform goes towards actually solving big problems facing young people today.

Instead of simply listing party promises, our assessment attempts to make meaning of those promises, individually and in aggregate, by:

  • Publishing a comprehensive, evidence-based policy framework for addressing each issue, beginning with a clearly stated goal
  • Translating each framework into a set of key criteria
  • Assessing the degree to which each major party’s platform addresses the key criteria. The resulting analysis includes:
    • Criteria table and scores, where party platforms and commitments are given a score based on the extent to which they meet the stated criteria. 
    • Detailed commentary that explains how a score was assigned, as well as the assessed strengths and weaknesses of each commitment.

For the 2019 federal election, Gen Squeeze is focusing our analysis on the four major parties who began the race with at least one MP who was elected as a representative of that party, and who are running a national slate of candidates. This includes the Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Party, and the New Democratic Party. 

Gen Squeeze does not aim to tell you who to vote for, or to portray any party in an inherently favourable or unfavourable light.