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Should national childcare be in the Throne Speech? (Webinar video)

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10 Sep 2020

Excerpts from Event description

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the largest workforce lockdown in a generation, governments are seeing how women have been disproportionately affected. With high rates of job loss, many women and are less able to return to the workplace compared to their male counterparts, and at a slower rate. The lack of adequate, safe, and affordable child care is one of the key hurdles for many women. As such, some economists are advocating for a national childcare program. Without this, some are saying we run the risk of setting back the advancement of women in the workforce by decades. Supportive private and public sector employers say they need their female employees on board in order to re-build. But is it worth the staggering multi-billion dollar investments that some project will be necessary? Join us for a discussion on where we stand now and what comes next.


Kerry McCuaig - Fellow in Early Childhood Policy, Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, OISE/UToronto
Craig Alexander - Partner and Chief Economist, Deloitte
Dr. David Philpott - Professor, Memorial University Faculty of Education; Child Development Researcher and Advocate
Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry - MP for Vancouver Centre

In conversation with...

Brian Gallant - 33rd Premier of New Brunswick; Advisory Board, The Pearson Centre