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A cross-cultural study of preschool quality in South Korea and Sweden: ECERS evaluations

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Sheridan, S., Giota, J., Han, Y-M., & Kwon, J-Y.
Publication Date: 
13 Mar 2020

Excerpts from abstract

The aim of the study is to explore cross-cultural similarities and differences in preschool quality in South Korean and Swedish preschools as measured by two national adaptations of the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS). The approach adopted is that cross-cultural comparisons of preschool quality are both achievable and of great importance to researchers as well as policy-makers, educators, teachers and parents. The results indicate that Swedish child care programs rate higher on the entire ECERS and all of the individual subscales. The similarities and differences in preschool quality are interpreted within the socio-cultural context of each country and the respective pedagogical goals for preschool.