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The inclusiveness of social rights: The case of parental leave policies

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Blum, S. & Dobrotić, I.
Publication Date: 
11 Jun 2021

Excerpt from editorial abstract

This thematic issue aims to deepen the theoretical as well as empirical knowledge on the inclusiveness of social rights, focussing on the revelatory case of parenting‐related leave policies. This editorial defines (leave) inclusiveness and discusses extant research on varying entitlements and eligibility criteria in the field of parenting leaves. It summarises the conceptual, methodological, and empirical contributions made by the articles in the thematic issue and closes with a research outlook.

Table of Contents
The Inclusiveness of Social Rights: The Case of Leave Policies
Sonja Blum and Ivana Dobrotić

Socially Inclusive Parenting Leaves and Parental Benefit Entitlements: Rethinking Care and Work Binaries
Andrea Doucet

Measuring the Generosity of Parental Leave Policies
Adeline Otto, Alzbeta Bártová and Wim Van Lancker

Capturing the Gender Gap in the Scope of Parenting Related Leave Policies Across Nations
Alison Koslowski

The Contextualized Inclusiveness of Parental Leave Benefits
Anna Kurowska

The Inclusiveness of Maternity Leave Rights over 120 Years and across Five Continents
Keonhi Son and Tobias Böger

Dimensions of Social Equality in Paid Parental Leave Policy Design: Comparing Australia and Japan
Gillian Whitehouse and Hideki Nakazato

Social Inclusion or Gender Equality? Political Discourses on Parental Leave in Finland and Sweden
Mikael Nygård and Ann-Zofie Duvander

How Different Parental Leave Schemes Create Different Take-Up Patterns: Denmark in Nordic Comparison
Tine Rostgaard and Anders Ejrnæs

Mothers and Parental Leave in Belgium: Social Inequalities in Eligibility and Uptake
Leen Marynissen, Jonas Wood and Karel Neels

Parental Leave Reforms in Finland 1977–2019 from a Diversity Perspective
Anna Moring and Johanna Lammi-Taskula

When Does Expanded Eligibility Translate into Increased Take-Up? An Examination of Parental Leave Policy in Luxembourg
Merve Uzunalioglu, Marie Valentova, Margaret O'Brien and Anne-Sophie Genevois