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The burnout crisis: A call to invest in ECE and child and youth workers

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Ali, A., Giesbrecht, D., Turner, J., McMillan, R., & Kennell, S.
Publication Date: 
15 Sep 2022


Burnout among frontline staff working with children and youth has increased during COVID-19. This policy brief surfaces emerging areas of concern for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and Child and Youth Workers during the pandemic. We explore these challenges through an intersectional approach, including gender, race, and socioeconomic considerations. The brief puts forward areas requiring further research and exploration on how to better support the mental health of front line workers –  particularly those experiencing marginalization. In addition, it includes recommendations for how each level of government can best support the mental health of these populations to reduce burnout, foster good mental health, and avoid further mental health issues. This is particularly relevant now as the federal, provincial, and territorial governments look to implement the national child care program.