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Environmental education in pre-school teacher training programs in Vietnam: situations and challenges

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Ho, U. T.; Lepage, B. & Fang, W.-T.
Publication Date: 
1 Oct 2022


In this study, the environmental education (EE) component of the pre-school teacher training programs at six (6) universities in Vietnam were examined to identify the challenges of implementing EE in these programs. The framework for the pre-school teacher training program at these universities were analyzed and 18 students in their final year of undergraduate study were interviewed to collect the qualitative data used in this analysis. The findings indicated that there was a clear gap between EE and the training of pre-service teachers pursuing a pre-school teaching-level certification rating with EE competencies. Program comparisons between the universities show a disparity in the program designer’s EE views that reflect the priority given to environmentally-related courses. This study also recommends that it is necessary to implement innovative EE methods; integrate EE in all subject areas; and promote knowledge exchange between the teachers and delivery methods with the goal of systematically and comprehensively preparing prospective pre-school teachers to be EE practitioners for children.