(Re)Conceptualising Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care

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12 Mar 2020 - 12:00am
Room 828, UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way Bloomsbury
WC1H0AL London
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Dr. Yuwei Xu
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This panel discussion session, hosted by the Centre for Teachers & Early Years Education (CTEY), UCL Institute of Education, brings together international scholars in the field of early childhood education and care (ECEC) to discuss the conceptualizations of quality ECEC in global and local contexts. While there is a universal interest in studying the quality of ECEC provisions internationally, whether it is meaningful to establish a universal understanding of quality ECEC is an ongoing discussion. This session thus invites researchers from Sweden, Germany, China and the UK to ‘debate’ on the following questions:

  • Is it meaningful to compare ECEC quality across cultures?
  • How can we make meaningful comparisons?
  • Is it problematic or beneficial to have a quality assessment that is applicable across cultures?
  • Is it even possible to develop such an assessment?

Invited panelists include: Dr Christian Eidevald, University of Gothenburgh, Sweden; Professor Markus Andra, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Dr Eleanor Kitto, CTEY, UCL Institute of Education, UK; Dr Jie Gao, CTEY, UCL Institute of Education.

Convenor: Dr Yuwei Xu, CTEY, UCL Institute of Education

All academics and students from within and outside the UCL are welcome to join us and share your thoughts on Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care!

The event is FREE to attend. For enquiries, please contact Dr Yuwei Xu, yuwei.xu@ucl.ac.uk