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COVID-19 and child care news in Canada

Justin Trudeau's government says it champions women. Proroguing Parliament suggests otherwise
The Star, 25 August 2020

To follow in Freeland’s footsteps child care must be a national priority 
The Start, 23 August 2020

Nothing ‘off the table’ as federal NDP calls for $2 billion infusion into child care
Humboldt Journal, 23 August 2020

The post-pandemic future: Affordable child care will save the economy
Toronto Life, 19 August 2020

Canada's economic recovery depends on working moms
Refinery 29, 18 August 2020

Pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for working mothers
CBC News, 17 August 2020

Singh calls on feds to fund $10 billion for child care over next 4 years
Huffington Post, 15 August 2020

Growing concern over proposed changes to child care regulations
CTV News, 13 August 2020

As schools prepare to reopen during COVID-19, are the kids alright?
The Conversation, 12 August 2020

Penticton, B.C., parents scramble to find child care as city develops action plan
Global News, 11 August 2020

Kids may find masks uncomfortable, but they'll be vital to stopping COVID-19 in schools, says expert
CBC Radio, 10 August 2020

COVID-19 guidance for schools Kindergarten to Grade 12
Government of Canada, 9 August 2020

Has the COVID-19 pandemic made a national child care plan an easier sell for Justin Trudeau?
The Globe and Mail, 6 August 2020

'Pandemic pods': How some parents plan on educating their kids in September
CTV News, 30 July 2020

COVID-19 risks for kids are low, must be balanced against cost of being out of school, doctors say
CBC News, 28 July 2020

Calls to fully reopen schools in September are on a collision course with reality
Globe and Mail, 27 July 2020

We can’t let COVID-19 destroy economic gains for women
The Toronto Star, 24 July 2020

An aging Canada can’t afford to have women out of the labour force
The Guardian, 24 July 2020

Feds respond to COVID-19 child-care frustrations with $625M cash infusion
CTV News, 24 July 2020 

The economics of childcare 
CBC Radio One - The Cost of Living, 17 July 2020

Chrystia Freeland on ‘As It Happens’ Q&A
Childcare at: [6:08]
CBC Radio - As It Happens, 17 July 2020

Childcare is an economic issue Canadians need to tackle, say economists and parents alike
CBC News, 17 July 2020

Women’s participation in labour force reaches lowest level in three decades: RBC 
The Star, 16 July 2020

Federal government to provide provinces and territories with $19B for 'safe restart' of economy
CBC News, 16 July 2020

Video: Trudeau announces provinces will receive $19 billion to restart their economies
Child care at: [1:10]
Global News, 16 July 2020 - Access video via YouTube

When a pandemic hits, working moms pay the price
The Tyee, 15 July 2020

83% of teachers surveyed express concerns about returning to school in September
The Globe and Mail, 13 July 2020 

Uncertainty over schooling plans has working mothers mulling leaving workforce
CTV News/ The Canadian Press, 13 July 2020

Canada's cautious school reopening plans leave moms in the lurch
Reuters, 12 July 2020

Parents, trapped: Lack of childcare could undermine economic recovery and hurt women, but the solution is expensive
The Globe and Mail, 11 July 2020

Canadian women struggling to return to work
Global News, 10 July 2020

Childcare reform: Why aren’t dads demanding better support, too?
Chatelaine, 9 July 2020

Fiscal snapshot supports calls for a gendered approach to economic relief
CTV News, 9 July 2020

COVID-19 has fostered ‘perfect storm pushing women out of their jobs’: UBC study co-author
Vancouver Sun, 9 July 2020

Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May urge Trudeau to help women and immigrants hurt by COVID-19
National Observer, 8 July 2020

Opinion: The pandemic is hurting Canada’s working mothers 
The Globe and Mail, 8 July 2020

Karina Roman: Parents, provinces call on Ottawa to help ensure schools open in the fall
CBC News, 4 July 2020

Child care a priority in federal COVID-19 help for provinces, PM says
Yahoo News!, 3 July 2020

Education is a human right, but it certainly hasn’t been a COVID-19 priority
The Globe and Mail, 2 July 2020

Video: Coronavirus: The future of daycare and child care services
Global News, 28 June 2020

Coronavirus: The future of daycare and child care services
Global News, 28 June 2020

Child care after the coronavirus pandemic should be more inclusive of children with disabilities
The Conversation, 24 June 2020

Coronavirus forces child-care centres to reduce capacity, leaving parents scrambling
Global News, 25 June 2020

For some non-profits, COVID-19 isn't just a struggle. It's a do-or-die moment
CBC News, 26 June 2020

National childcare strategy will be a lynchpin of economic recovery, says Martha Friendly
CBC News, 19 June 2020

Child care strategy a golden opportunity
The Hamilton Spectator, 23 June 2020

Ottawa urged to earmark billions for child care as provinces reopen
The Toronto Star, 22 June 2020

Better public child care is the engine we need for recovery post-coronavirus
The Conversation, 15 June 2020

As daycares reopen, parents are facing impossible decisions to keep kids safe from COVID-19
The National Post, 12 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is remapping childhood—and the effects may linger
Macleans, 11 June 2020

Extending CERB for months could double $60-billion budget, PBO report suggests
Financial Post, 10 June 2020

Parent/ Family survey: Impact of  COVID-19 on Canadians: Parenting during the pandemic
Statistics Canada, June 2020

As Canadian economy reopens, will child care be there to support working parents?
The Toronto Star, 10 June 2020

On child care, politicians are doing exactly what they said they wouldn’t. Women are paying the price
The Toronto Star, 5 June 2020

PSAC calls for more measures to support workers facing child care challenges
PSAC Union, 5 June 2020

Video: House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources - Meeting no.16
Armine Yalnizyan, 4 June 2020

Video: Lack of child care impacting return to work process
Global News, 4 June 2020

There is no economic recovery without adequate child care
The Star, 2 June 2020

Deal on child care support said to be 'very close'
CTV News, 28 May 2020

Without more support for child care, economic recovery will be slow, says, expert
CBC Current, 22 May 2020

Child care restrictions preventing some from going back to work as economy reopens
CTV News, 18 May 2020

Feds quietly probe expanded role for child care in post-pandemic recovery
The Star, 18 May 2020

Child care is essential to our economic recovery
The Star, 11 May 2020

Trudeau advisers say there is a way out of the Covid-19 downturn: Child care
Andy Blatchford, Politico, 8 May 2020

Ottawa urged to spend on child care to help economy emerge from pandemic
The Star, 6 May 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says government committed to providing affordable childcare spaces
Global News, 12 May 2020

Ottawa urged to spend on child care to help economy emerge from pandemic
The Star, 6 May 2020

Public health officials take seriously new research that children may not be superpreaders after all
CBC News, 4 May 2020

'What do we do with the kids?' Experts say child care needed in reopening plans
CTV News, May 2020

Justin Trudeau says he’s committed to gender equality. He just missed a chance to prove it
The Star, 1 May 2020

Survey for parents: Parenting during the pandemic
University of Manitoba

In some provinces, parents are paying thousands to shuttered daycares to keep their child’s spots
The Globe and Mail, 17 April 2020

Opinion: COVID-19 crisis shows the importance of early child care
Edmonton Journal, 18 April 2020

COVID-19’s impact: not recession, but completely different economics
Toronto Star, 9 April 2020

Canadians who don’t qualify for CERB, other COVID-19 support fear falling through cracks
Huffington Post, 8 April 2020

Are you the perfect quarantine parent? (No and there’s no need to be)
The Star, 2 April 2020

Some licensed child-care centres won't survive COVID-19 closures, industry warns
CBC News, 31 March 2020

5 ways to help children cope during a pandemic
Ryerson University, 30 March 2020

COVID-19: Justin Trudeau unveils funding for families, small businesses amid coronavirus uncertainty
Global News, 18 March 2020

COVID-19: Canada’s medical workers scramble to find child care amid COVID-19 outbreak
Globe and Mail, 16 March 2020 

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