International reports

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Unicef Innocenti Report Card series

Measuring child poverty: New league tables of child poverty in the world's rich countries

Innocenti Report Card 10

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2012

The children left behind: A league table of inequality in child well-being in the world's rich countries

Innocenti Report Card 9

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2010

The childcare transition: A league table on early childhood education and care in advanced countries

Innocenti Report Card 8

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2008

Child poverty in perspective: An overview of child well-being in rich countries

Innocenti Report Card 7

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2007

Child poverty in rich countries 2005

Innocenti Report Card 6

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2005

Other reports

Inspiring change: An early education and care study visit to Sweden and Poland

Cohen, Bronwen & Pay, Nicola (2011). Children in Scotland & King Baudoin Foundation

Making work pay- the childcare trap

Daycare Trust & Save the Children, 2011

Effectiveness of early educational intervention

Barnett, W. Steven (2011). Science, 333 (6045)

State of America's Children

Children's Defense Fund, 2011

Increasing choice or inequality? Pathways through early education in Andhra Pradesh, India

Streuli, Natalia; Vennam, Uma & Woodhead, Martin (2011). Bernard van Leer Foundation

No small matter: The impact of poverty, shocks and human capital investments in early childhood development

Alderman, Harold (Ed.) (2011). World Bank

Quality of early childhood development programs in global contexts: Rationale for investment, conceptual framework and implications for equity.

Rebello Britto. P., Boller. K., & Yoshikawa. H. (2011). Social Policy Report, 25(2)

Combating poverty and inequality: Structural change, social policy and politics

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 2010

The foundation years: Preventing poor children from becoming poor adults

Field, Frank

Government of Great Britain, 2010

Growing unequal? Income distribution and poverty in OECD countries

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2008

- Canada country note in pdf

Starting Strong II: Early childhood education and care

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2006

(The link above takes you to the OECD's general website of Starting Strong II.)

Early childhood interventions: Proven results, future promise

Karoly, L., Kilburn, M.R. & Cannon, J.

Full document or summary

RAND, 2005


Child care and early childhood development programmes and policies: Their relationship to eradicating child poverty

by Penn, H.

Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre, 2004

Early childhood education and care for children from low-income or minority backgrounds: Discussion paper for the OECD Oslo workshop

by Leseman, Paul

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002

What we know and don't know about the costs and benefits of early childhood interventions

by Karoly, Lynn A.; Greenwood, Peter W.; Everingham, Susan S.; Hoube, Jill; Kilburn, M. Rebeccas; Rydell, C. Peter; Sanders, Matthew & Chiesa, James

RAND, 1998