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The Alberta 2012 budget was tabled February 9th.

Government budget documents

Alberta Budget 2012 (includes links to budget speech video, all budget documents, and highlights)

News release: More Alberta families to benefit from child care subsidies (Link is no longer available)

"Effective April 1, the household income that qualifies families to receive maximum subsidy will increase from $35,100 to $50,000 - a 42 per cent increase. With these changes, it is expected that 26,000 subsidies will be provided to eligible low- and middle-income families in the 2012-13 fiscal year."

"Overall, the budget for child care will increase to $264 million in 2012-13, which is a $20.6 million, or 8.4 per cent increase over last fiscal year. Funding for child care subsidies and supports will increase to $173 million, which is a $17 million increase."

Ministry of Education business plan 2012 - 15 (pp. 19-22)

Priority initiative - 1.1 Support the development of an early learning and child care framework in collaboration with other government ministries and stakeholders.

News articles

More Albertans to get childcare subsidies: Tories

CBC News, 17 Feb 2012

Full-day-kindergarten pledge won't be met (Link is no longer available)

Metro Calgary, 10 Feb 2012


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