Nova Scotia

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Budget bulletin: Putting kids & Learning first

Helping Children in the Early Years


Budget 2013 will:
•establish children's centres so it is easier for families to access support services for their young kids and help them make a successful transition to elementary school-$1.2 million
•expand the ability of teachers to assess the developmental health of their students in critical areas like physical well-being, emotional maturity, social skills, and language-$70,000

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Strengthening connections, connecting communities: Nova Scotia Alternative Provincial Budget 2013, Canadian Centres for Policy Alternatives, 26 Mar 13

The Consensus: Building a System of Early Learning and Child Care

The message from the consultation process is clear. Nova Scotia needs a planned approach, developed in close consultation with the community. There is a consensus that we need a system. The NsaPB suggests that the following are fundamental principles for an elCC system in Nova Scotia: universality, quality, developmentally appropriate, non-profit, democratic-ally governed, and appropriate for First Nations


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