Starting Strong (2001)

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Starting Strong is the comparative report on the findings
from the first three years work of the Thematic Review of Early
Childhood Education and Care carried out by the OECD. It includes
information and data about ECEC in the 12 countries that took part in
the Review's first round and the eight "policy lessons" likely to
promote equitable access to quality ECEC that were identified in this
phase of the work.

Starting Strong observed that

Early childhood education and care has experienced a surge of
policy attention in OECD countries over the past decade. Policy makers
have recognized that equitable access to quality early childhood
education and care can strengthen the foundations of lifelong learning
for all children and support the broad educational and social needs of
families. There is a need to strengthen knowledge of the range of
approaches adopted by different countries, along with the successes and
challenges encountered.

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