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Edleun Group, an Albertan company, is building a national network of for-profit child care centres                                                    Alberta Venture Magazine, 14 Jun 2012

The real daycare challenge: making money

Globe and Mail, 8 Feb 12

Company brings for-profit daycare to Toronto apartment buildings

Globe and Mail, 6 Feb 2012

For-profit daycare to partner with apartment landlord

Toronto Star, 5 Feb 2012

Sale of three area Montessori schools draws criticism

Windsor Star, 15 Dec 2011

Let parents, not ideology, choose daycare for their children

Editorial, Globe and Mail, 15 Dec 2011

>>Letter to the Editor: Kids and corporations

Martha Friendly, 15 Dec 2011

Big-box child care buys Ontario centres

Toronto Star, 13 Dec 2011

>> Letter to the Editor: Our children are not-for-profit

Laurel Rothman, 17 Dec 2011

>> Letter to the Editor: No to corporate child care

Shani Halfon, 15 Dec 2011

>> Letter to the Editor: Province needs a plan

Carolyn Ferns, 15 Dec 2011

Commercial daycare company acquiring seven centres in Ontario

Globe and Mail, 13 Dec 11

>> Letter to the Editor: Big box kids

Billie Carroll, 14 Dec 2011

CUPE critical of 'big box daycare' coming to Ontario: Canada's largest, publicly-traded daycare company has Ontario foothold after buying local Montessori

CBC Windsor, 13 Dec 2011

Edleun stock pops as daycare operator plans five acquisitions in B.C., Alta.

Canadian Press, 27 Sep 2011

'Big box' daycare setting up in Maple Ridge, BC

BC Local News, 3 Aug 2011

Interview with [then] Edleun CEO Leslie Wulf on expansion to BC

CBC Radio All Points West, 9 Aug 2011

Audio clip [Wulf interview starts at 8:35]

For-profit firm plans seven centres in B.C.

Vancouver Sun, 8 Aug 2011

Day care operator Edleun widens net loss as it grows its business

Canadian Press, 21 Jun 2011

Big box babysitting: Corporate child care is not the solution

Straight Goods, 30 May 2011

Public school board rejects company's bid for space

Edmonton Journal, 12 May 2011

Edleun eager to expand outside Alberta

Globe and Mail, 29 Sep 2010

Challenges of building a daycare empire

Globe and Mail, 29 Sep 2010

Coming soon: big box babycare

Fast Forward, 29 Jul 2010

All-day kindergarten under threat?

Toronto Star, 26 Jan 2010

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