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This section is a collection of news articles related to children and COVID-19. The list is far from exhaustive but provides readers with information posted on our website that has been published globally in news media regarding children’s infection, symptoms and transmission of COVID-19. 

Additional new articles, policy recommendations and research related to child care and COVID-19 can be found using CRRU’s child care and COVID-19 ISSUE file.

Limited transmission of COVID-19 found in U.S. childcare study, CDC says
Retuters, 22 August 2020

How do you detect the young silent spreaders of coronavirus as Canadian schools reopen?
CBC News, 15 August 2020

Ontario doctors seeking kids for study about how COVID-19 spreads in a classroom
CP24, 11 August 2020

What we are learning about Covid-19 and kids
The Guardian, 9 August 2020

Half of newly reported COVID-19 cases in Ottawa are children under 9, OPH reports
Ottawa Matters, 9 August 2020

Education workers especially worried about COVID-19, INSPQ polls finds, 
Montreal Gazettle 4 August 2020

Review of COVID-19 spread by kids offers comfort about schools reopening, prof says
CBC News, 2 August 2020

Study finds higher viral load in young children, raising questions about how likely they are to transmit the coronavirus
CNN, 30 July 2020

Kids are not major source of COVID-19 spread, McMaster research review finds
CBC News, 29 July 2020

Reviews find children not major source of COVID-19, but family stress is high
McMaster University, 28 July 2020

Children over age 10 spread COVID-19 as much as adults, study finds
CTV News, 19 July 2020

Nova Scotia plans full return to classrooms this fall 
Global News, 16 July 2020

Schools have low coronavirus infection rate, German study finds
CNBC, 14 July 2020

The long-term biological effects of COVID-19 stress on kids’ future health and development
The Conversation, 12 July 2020

Children rarely transmit COVID-19, doctors write in new commentary
University of Vermont, 10 July 2020

Are kids key vectors in the spread of COVID-19 or not? U of C scientists want to know
CBC News, 3 July 2020

Children with coronavirus may have neurological instead of respiratory symptoms, study suggests
Independent, 1 July 2020

Coronavirus: Most children 'experience only mild disease'
BBC, 26 June 2020

Pandemic poses indirect physical, mental health consequences for children: study
CTV News, 25 June 2020

Most kids do not get severe COVID-19: Large study confirms
TIME, 25 June 2020

Is it safe to reopen schools? These countries say yes
Wall Street Journal, 31 May 2020

COVID-19 precision health genomics for children
Genome Alberta, 26 May 2020

Children do not appear to be COVID-19 'super-spreaders'
Ottawa Citizen, 26 May 2020

The coronavirus’ effect on kids remains an unsolved mystery. Here are the clues so far
Business Insider, 24 May 2020

Children half as likely as adults to get coronavirus, study says
The Guardian, 22 May 2020

Why the coronavirus hits kids and adults so differently
The Atlantic, 15 May 2020

Consensus is emerging that children are less vulnerable to coronavirus
Wall Street Journal, 27 April 2020

Closing schools has only a minor role in suppressing COVID-19
Medical News Today, 14 April 2020