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Rural daycares could have trouble meeting numbers
CBC News, 1 Jun 10

Child care impacts region's growth (Link is no longer available)
by Lorne Stelmach
Source: Modern Times, 17 Oct 08

Involve women in farm policy
by Angela Hall
Source: Regina Leader Post, 15 Aug 06

Will we create rural child care options?
by Ginette Petitpas-Taylor
Source: New Brunswick Times & Transcript, 23 Feb 06

Rural child care advocates buoyed
by Stevenson, Lorraine
Source: Farmers' Independent Weekly, 10 Mar 05

Rural kids to get a 'head start': Lambton, Kent part of new plan
by Ligaya, Armina
Source: Chatham Daily News, 30 Mar 05

Child care can help rural economy
by Laurie Adkin
Source: Edmonton Journal, 20 Nov 04

Canadian child care spaces in short supply
by Diane Rogers
Source: Western Producer, 2 Dec 03

Rural day care
by Diane Rogers
Source: The Western Producer, 4 Nov 03

Farm women, children fill labour gap
by Diane Rogers
Source: Western Producer, 21 May 03

Rural child care options needed
Source: Western Producer, 24 Oct 02

Child care poses rural dilemma
by Ian Bell
Source: Western Producer 22 Oct 03

Day care centre shares success
by Diane Rogers
Source: Western Producer 21 Mar 02

Day care adjusts to parents' needs
by Roberta Rampton
Source: Western Producer, September 28, 2000

Rural day cares spread out from Langruth hub
by Ian Bell
Source: The Western Producer, May 4, 2000

Rural day care provides safe place for farm kids
by Roberta Rampton
Source: The Western Producer 22 July 99

Day care meets the family farm
Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1989 (video clip, 8:05)