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Online Document Catalogue: Child care in the news

Child care in the news is a collection of news articles about ECEC in Canada and abroad. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Montreal Gazette, 9 Jun 2003. Quebec
NAVAKAL news service, 3 Jun 2003. Europe
New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, 30 May 2003. New Brunswick
Canadian Press, 28 May 2003. Quebec
Montreal Gazette, 27 May 2003. Quebec
Herald Sun [AU], 26 May 2003. Australia and New Zealand
Toronto Star, 24 May 2003. Ontario
World Socialist Web Site, 23 May 2003. Europe
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Duluth News Tribune, 19 May 2003. United States
Advertiser, 17 May 2003. Australia and New Zealand
New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, 15 May 2003. New Brunswick
News and Observer, 11 May 2003. United States
Jamaica Observer, 9 May 2003. Latin America and the Carribean
Guardian [UK], 6 May 2003. Europe
Vancouver Sun, 2 May 2003. British Columbia
Whitehorse Daily Star, 30 Apr 2003. Yukon Territory
Dominion Post [NZ], 28 Apr 2003. Australia and New Zealand
Washington Times, 28 Apr 2003. United States
Daily Telegram, 26 Apr 2003. United States