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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Ministère de la Famille, Gouvernement du Québec,  28 Apr 2021 Quebec
Perlman, M., Hampton, D., Davidson, A., Burns, S., White. L., & Saleem, S., , Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto,  8 Apr 2021 Ontario
Garboden Murray, Carol, Early Childhood Investigation Webinars,  5 May 2021 United States
Ananat, Elizabeth O.; Gassman-Pines, Anna; & Leer, John Fitz-Henley II Jane, Econofact,  6 May 2021 United States
Edward, M., Pam, S., Kathy, S., Iram, S., & Brenda, T., University of London & University of Oxford,  1 Jan 2012 Europe
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment,  1 May 2021 United States
McDougald Scott, A. M. , Women's Rights and Empowerment Network,  3 May 2021 United States
Mathieu, S., Policy Options,  4 May 2021 Quebec
Beauregard, P. - L., Connolly, M., Haeck, C., & Molnár, T. L., Research Group on Human Capital,  1 Mar 2021 Canada
Nyland, B., Pearls and Irritations,  3 May 2021 Australia and New Zealand
Cleveland, G.,,  2 May 2021 Prince Edward Island
O'Sullivan, Colm; Mathieu, Sophie; & Cleveland, Gordon, Policy Options,  28 Apr 2021 Canada
Mathieu, S., Policy Options,  27 Apr 2021 Quebec
Armstrong, P., Cohen, M. G., Ritchie, L., Vosko, L. F., & Yalnizyan, A., The Care Economy,  1 Apr 2021 Canada
Department of Finance, Government of Canada,  19 Apr 2021 Canada
Gillezeau, R., Finances of the Nation,  7 Apr 2021 Canada
Racine, N.; Hetherington, E.; Tough, S.; Madigan, S., The Conversation,  25 Mar 2021 Canada
Hartley, R.P.; Chaudry, A.; Boteach, M.; Mitchell, E. & Menefee, K. , National Women’s Law Center and the Center on Poverty and Social Policy,  13 Apr 2021 United States
Statistics Canada,  7 Apr 2021 Canada
Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC & Early Childhood Educators of BC,  7 Apr 2021 British Columbia
Mclean, C., Center for the Study of Child Care Employment,  11 Feb 2020 United States
Campaign 2000, Campaign 2000 & Yukon Poverty Coalition,  25 Mar 2021 Yukon Territory