This calendar features noteworthy events for the ECEC and social policy community.

There are no upcoming events.


Call for Nominations: The Canadian Child Care Federation’s Award for Excellence in Child Care Mar 22, 2017 to Apr 15, 2017
Building skills in early years and child care - Ottawa leadership training
Apr 8, 2017 to Apr 9, 2017
Early childhood education summit
May 4, 2017 to May 5, 2017
Equal Pay Day 2017
Apr 11, 2017
It's 2017: Is childcare still a women's issue?
Mar 8, 2017
Status of women committee invites the public to submit written briefs for its study on the economic security of women in Canada
Feb 15, 2017 to Mar 15, 2017
Building Skills for Change in Early Years and Child Care Leadership & Skills Building Training
Mar 4, 2017 to Mar 5, 2017
City Hall Play-In Feb 7, 2017
Women's March on Washington Jan 21, 2017
Government consultations on child care Jan 16, 2017
How affordable are child care services in Toronto, and what difference does affordability make? Nov 25, 2016
Speak up! Finding your voice as a child care professional Oct 6, 2016
2016 Gideon Rosenbluth Memorial Lecture with Pierre Fortin Nov 23, 2016
Licensed home child care - A time of transformation Oct 12, 2016 to Oct 14, 2016
Shaping our Future: Innovation, leadership, and advocacy in early learning and child care Sep 16, 2016 to Sep 17, 2016
Professional pay & decent work for all forums Jul 7, 2016
Child care community at International Women's Day Mar 5, 2016
Public townhall to discuss Ontario’s child care regulations Mar 8, 2016
Making BC’s young children and families a priority: A call to action Jan 28, 2016
Child care matters to everyone: Coalition building for a real child care system in Ontario Jan 20, 2016