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Books and reports

Outdoor Learning in the early years: Management and innovation (3rd ed)
Bilton, H. Routledge, 2010. (publishers info)

Bringing the Steiner Waldorf approach to your early years practice (2nd ed)
Nicol, J. Green, S (Ed).  Routledge, 2010.(publisher's info)

Playing and learning outdoors: Making provision for high-quality experiences in the outdoor environment.
White, J. Routledge, 2008. (publishers info)

Adventures in nature
Edited by Mortari, L. and Zerbato, R. Children in Scotland, 2008 (publisher's info)

Making space: Award winning designs for young children
Children in Scotland, 2006 (publisher's info)

Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS)
DeBord, K., Hestenes, L., Moore, R., Cosco, N., McGinnis, J. Kaplan Early Learning Company, 2005 (publisher's info)
- POEMS website

Designs for living and learning: Transforming early childhood environments
Curtis, D. & Carter, M. Redleaf Press, 2003 (publisher's info)

Child care design guide
Olds, A.R. McGraw-Hill, 2001(publisher's info)

Let's go outside: Designing the early childhood playground
Theemes, T. High/Scope Press, 1999

A study of child care legislation of Canadian provinces and territories with regards to outdoor settings
Mauffette, A.G. Children's Environment Research Center, 1998

Periodical articles

Being confined within? Constructions of the good childhood and outdoor play in early childhood education and care settings in Ireland.
Kernan, M & Devine, D. (2010).Children & Society, 24(5): 371-385.

A hundred ways of listening: Gathering children's perspectives of their early childhood environment
Clark, A. (2007). Young Children, 62(3):76-81.

The Children's Physical Environment Rating Scale (CPERS): Reliability and Validity for Assessing the Physical Environment of Early Childhood Educational Facilities
Moore GT, Sugiyama T. (2007). Children, Youth and Environments, 17(4):24-53.

Hopping frogs and trail walks: Connecting young children with nature
Woyke, P. (2004). Young Children, 59(1):82-85.

Children in the environment: Forest day-care centers: Modern day care with historical antecedents
Borge, A., Nordhagen, R. & Lie, K.(2003). The History of the Family, 8(4):605-618.

Making outdoor learning possible: Reflections on the importance of playing outdoors
Greenman, J.(2003). Child Care Information Exchange, 151:75-80.

The natural environment as a playground for children: The impact of outdoor play activities in pre-primary school children.
(2001). Early Childhood Education Journal, 29(2):111-117.

Developing an environmental outdoor play space
Wilson, Ruth. A. (1996). Young Children, 51(6):56-61.

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