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Theoretical perspectives

Children's right to play: An examination of the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide. Lester, S., & Russell. W. (2010). Working papers in: Early Childhood Development. Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Outdoor affordances in early chidhood education and care settings: Adults' and children's perspectives. Kernan, M.(2010). Children Youth and Environments 20(1). 152-177 (must register for a free account to access)

Outdoor Play: Does avoiding the risks reduce the benefits?
Little, H., Wyver, S. (2010). Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 33(2) 33-40.

The contribution of early childhood education to a sustainable society
Samuelsson, I. & Kaga,Y. (2008). United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Seven Cs: An informational guide to young children's outdoor playspaces
Herrington, S., Lesmeister, C., Nicholls, J. & Stefiuk, K. Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre & Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning and Development (CHILD)

Child care centre physical environments
Beach, J. and Friendly, M. Quality by Design project, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, 2005

Spaces to play: More listening to young children using the mosaic approach (Google book preview)
Clark, A. & Moss, P. National Children's Bureau, 2005

Resurrecting free play in young children
Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 159:46-50, 2005

Content and construct validity of the Early Childhood Physical Environment Rating Scale (ECPERS)
Sugiyama, T. and Moore, G. Paper presented at the 36th annual Environmental Design Research Association Conference, Vancouver, April 27-May 1, 2005.

Children's physical environment rating scale
Moore, G., Sugiyama, T. & O'Donnell, L. University of Sydney, New South Wales, 2003

Young children and the natural world
Phenice, L. & Griffore, R. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 4(2):167-171, 2003

Designed environments for young children: Empirical findings and implications for planning and design (Conference paper)
Moore, G. University of Sydney, New South Wales, 2001

Developmentally appropriate outdoor play environments for infants and toddlers
Bernard van Leer Foundation, Working Papers in Early Childhood Development No.15, 1995. Jolley, J.

Learning landscapes: Theoretical issues and design considerations for the development of children's educational landscapes
Weaver, L.I. Master's Thesis, Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech

Resources and recommendations to inform practice

Children as designers or their own space [link no longer available]
Mindstretchers, May 2010

Early childhood outdoor learning environments - Visons and Values
Government of South Australia, Department of Education and Children's Services, no date

Play Matters: A study of best practices to inform local policy and process in support of children's play.
KaBoom! It starts with a playground, May 2010
- KaBoom advocates for enriching play spaces to be available to all children, they have an extensive database of free online workshops, training and resources (print & online).

Children in Europe - Playing outside: why does it matter? [link no longer available]
Children in Scotland, August 2010
All issues of Children in Europe are now available to order online in either print format or instant PDF

Playing Outside: Play, nature and services for young children [link no longer available]
Key points: Children in Europe conference with Children in Scotland and Fife Council, Sept 2010

Why aren't the day care children playing outside? Flip flops, mulch and no coat
Science News, May 2008

Design for Play: A guide to creating successful play spaces (pdf)
Shackell, A., Butler, N., Doyle, P., Ball, D.
Play England, 2008
Visit Play England for videos and more resources on outdoor play spaces.

Learning through farming in South Korea
Lee, J. & Lee, J. O. Beyond the Journal: Young Children on the Web, November 2007

Play outside! Recommended resources for outdoor learning environments [link no longer available]
North Carolina Outdoor Learning Environments Alliance, 2007

Young children's relationship with nature: Its importance to children's development and the earth's future
White, R. White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, 2004

Benefits for children of play in nature
White, R. White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, 2004

Developmentally appropriate gardening for young children
White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, 2004

Best practices- the outdoor play experience [link no longer available]
Crossley, B. & Dietze, B. Canadian Child Care Federation, 2003

Opening the door to the outdoors [link no longer available]
Dietze, B. & Crossley, B. Canadian Child Care Federation, 2003

Outdoor play in winter- Wonderland or nightmare? [link no longer available]
Beckman, S. Canadian Child Care Federation, 2003

Research related to nature preschool
Chippewa Nature Center, no date

Nature's benefits for children
Backyard Nature, no date

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