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The Liberals promise big spending on child care. The Conservatives, not so much
The Globe and Mail Editorial Board, 13 September 2021

This federal election, I’m voting for child care—here’s why you should, too
Carolyn Ferns, 13 September 2021

Conservatives and Liberals have different plans for Canada. Vote accordingly
Toronto Star, 12 September 2021

The election no one wanted is ultimately about child care
Ken Dryden, 10 September 2021

Which political party has the best child care plan?
Gordon Cleveland, 10 September 2021

Conservatives proposed tax credits for child care won’t fix a fractured system
The Record, 9 September 2021

$10aDay child care: Life-changing impacts for BC families 
$10aDay Child Care, 30 August 2021

Child care in this election definitely isn’t child’s play
iPolitics, 30 August 2021

Families would save more with $10-a-day child care fees than with tax credits
David Macdonald, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 27 August 2021

Opinion: Why universal child care is a better choice than subsidies
Bradley Lafortune, 24 August 2021 

Conservatives go back to the future for child care proposals in this federal election
Martha Friendly, 23 August 2021

Opinion: Child care will be the defining issue of the election
Sarah Boesveld, Pamela Uppal & Carolyn Ferns, 21 August 2021

How much might the CPC childcare credit cost and where is the rest of the federal ELCC money going to go?
Jennifer Robson, 19 August 2021

Lies, damned lies, and conservative politicians
Gordon Cleveland, 17 August 2021