Post election

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Frequently Asked Questions about Canada’s historic federal budget 2021 and its plans to build a Canada-wide child care system
Canadian Child Care Federation, 21 September 2021

Petition: Tell Ford and Lecce to sign the child care agreement
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 21 Sep 2021

Petition: Tell Premier Jason Kenney and Minister Rebecca Schulz to #SignTheAgreement
Child Care Now - Alberta, 29 September 2021


Province must be a willing partner in child-care program
Toronto Star, 12 October 2021

Has the pandemic really changed Doug Ford? A decent child-care deal would be a start in proving it
Toronto Star, 8 October 2021

Local groups say affordable housing, childcare should be priorities for re-elected Beaches-East York MP Erskine-Smith
Beach Metro, 5 October 2021

'No reason to wait:' Liberal leader questions Ford's commitment to affordable childcare
CP24, 4 October 2021

10-a-day child care made for a good campaign slogan. The hard part is turning it into an actual plan
The Toronto Star, 28 September 2021

Postmortem: Voters reject the laissez-faire approach to child care
Financial Post, 27 September 2021

Child care plan best hope for boosting Canada's economy
Financial Post, 23 September 2021

What did young voters get out of the 2021 election? That our leaders need to work together
Toronto Star, 22 September 2021

Will the Liberals be able to deliver their $10-a-day child care promise?
CTV News, 22 September 2021

Ontario wants deal with feds on national childcare plan but no timeline as of yet: Ford
CP24, 22 September 2021

What the federal election results mean for Doug Ford and Ontario politics 
CBC News, 21 September 2021

B.C. daycare, cruise ships top priorities after Trudeau’s re-election
Terrace Standard, 21 September 2021

The Liberals won the election. What will be the toughest promises for them to keep?
Global News, 21 September 2021

With a Liberal government returning to Ottawa, N.S. premier expects child-care deal to stand
CBC News, 21 September 2021

A Liberal minority can work with the opposition on affordability issues (if common sense prevails)
Toronto Star, 20 September 2021

Stop the games and get back to work. That’s the message voters have sent to party leaders
Toronto Star, 20 September 2021

From childcare to taxes: What Trudeau’s projected win really means for your pocketbook
Global News, 20 September 2021


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