Other selected research, overviews and media

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International and comparative research

Issues in education for children three to eight in six countries
by Richard M. Clifford & Gisele M.Crawford
Source: FPG Child Development Institute, 2009
Report in pdf (8 pp.)

Promoting children's welfare in the Nordic countries
by Hiilamo, Heikki
Source: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Government of Finland
Report in pdf (88pp.)

Sustainable social policies in an era of globalization: Lessons from the Swedish case
by Joakim Palme
Source: Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, Issue 32, 2007
Article in pdf (16 pp.)

What is good daycare? A Swedish perspective
by Bengt-Erik Andersson
Source: Presentations from Plan-It Quality Conference, Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development, 2005
Presentation slides in pdf (10pp.)

Skolverket: Continuous pedagogical monitoring in child care and school (Link is no longer available)
by Lars Ullén
Source: Child Care in a Changing World European conference, 2004
Speaking notes in pdf (2 pp.)

Consolidating early childhood education and care under the Ministry of Education and Science: A Swedish case study (UNESCO early childhood and family policy series no.6)
by H. L. Taguchi & I. Munkammer
Source: United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization, 2003
Report in pdf (35 pp.)

A comparison of the national preschool curricula in Norway and Sweden
by Marit Alvestad & Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
Source: Early Childhood Research & Practice, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1999
Article in html

Comparative family policy: Eight countries' stories
by Kathy O'Hara
Source: Canadian Policy Research Networks, 1999
Report compares family policy in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Report in pdf (70 pp.)

Overviews from an international perspective

Public child care profile: Sweden
Source: Canadian Union of Public Employees, 2009
Profile in pdf (4 pp.)

Lessons from Sweden. CCPA Review: Economic & Social Trends
by Gregg, Olsen
Source: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2008
Document in pdf (4 pp.)

Play: The Swedish way
by Jenny Sundelin
Source: The Guardian, 2008
Article in html

How Swede it is: Learning from Sweden's perspective on children
by John Hoffman
Source: Today's Parent, 2005
Article in html


Early years: How they do it in Sweden
Source: Teachers' TV, 2006
Video (30 min.)