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Note: The following list of print resources was originally drawn from CRRU's reference collection CIRC, the catalogue for which is still online on the CRRU website. Unfortunately, due to budget cutbacks, this collection is not presently being maintained. To obtain copies of these documents, check your local public or academic libraries.

-Women, Politics, and Public Policy: the Political Struggles of Canadian Women
By Newman, Jacquetta & White, Linda A.
PUBLISHER Oxford University Press, 2006

- Carefair: Rethinking the responsibilities and rights of citizenship
by Kershaw, Paul
PUBLISHER University of British Columbia Press, 2005

- Ten thousand roses: The making of a feminist revolution
by Rebick, Judy
PUBLISHER Penguin Books, 2005

- Joint labor supply and child care choice decisions of married mothers
by Powell, Lisa
IN Journal of human resources, volume 37, number 1:106-127

- Child care policy at the crossroads: Gender and welfare state restructuring
by Sonya Michel & Rianne Mahon (Eds.)

- Driven apart: Women's employment equality and child care in Canadian public policy
by Timpson, Annis May
PUBLISHER University of British Columbia Press, March 2001

- Who cares? Women's work, childcare and welfare state redesign
by Jane Jenson & Mariette Sineau (Eds.)
PUBLISHER University of Toronto Press, 2001

- Child care, women's labour market participation and labour market policy effectiveness in Canada
by Linda White
IN Canadian public policy, 2001, volume XXVII, Number 4, 385-405

- "Both wage earner and mother": Women's organizing and childcare policy in Sweden and Canada
by Rianne Mahon
IN L. Briskin & M. Eliasson (Eds.), Women's organizing and public policy in Canada and Sweden, 238-279
PUBLISHER McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999

- Royal Commission as sites of resistance: Women's challenges on child care in the Royal Commission on the Status of Women
by Annis May Timpson
IN International journal of Canadian studies, 1999, volume 20, 123-148

- Benefiting Canada's children: Perspectives on gender and social responsibility
by Freiler, Christa and Cerny, Judy
PUBLISHER Status of Women Canada, March 1998

- Report of the Task Force on child care
by Cooke, K., London, J., Edwards, R. and Rose-Lizée, R.
PUBLISHER Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986

- Equality in employment: A Royal Commission report
by Judge Rosalie Silberman Abella
PUBLISHER Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1984