Background: Data and commentary on the state of Canadian women

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Ontario's gender gap: Women and jobs post-recession
By Kate McInturff
SOURCE: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 26 Mar 14

Global gender gap report 2013
SOURCE: World Economic Forum, 25 Oct 2013

Women in Canada: A gender-based statistical report. 6th Edition, 2010-2011
By Ferrao, Vincent & Williams, Cara (2011)
SOURCE: Statistics Canada, 26 July 2011

Lip service to equality
By Dallaire, Jody
SOURCE: Straight Goods, 9 Aug 2011

Abolishing the long form census muzzles women's organizations
By Dallaire, Jody
SOURCE: Straight Goods, 6 Jun 2011

Federal election 2011: Women's equality
SORCE: Canadian Union of Public Employees, 12 Apr 2011

Reports and Analysis: Income splitting proposal in the 2011 federal election
SOURCE: Childcare Resource and Research Unit, 29 Mar 2011

Low fertility in Canada: The Nordic model in Quebec and the U.S. model in Alberta
By Beaujot, Roderic & Wang, Juyan
SOURCE: Canadian Studies in Population, 25 Apr 2011

Women's push for equality in Canada stalled or regressing: report
By Bryden, Joan
SOURCE: Canadian Press, 21 Feb 2010

Women's rights have declined under Harper - researcher
By Bowie, Adam
SOURCE: Daily Gleaner, 1 Jun 2011

From a woman's perspective: Canada's place in the world
By Yalnizyan, Armine
SOURCE: Progressive Economics Forum, 9 Mar 2010

Career interrupted: The economic impact of motherhood
Caranci, Beata & Gauthier, Pascal
SOURCE: TD Economics, 12 Oct 2010

Women's poverty and the recession
By Townson, Monica
SOURCE: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 1 Sep 2009

The global gender gap report 2008
By Hausmann, Ricardo, Tyson, Laura & Zahidi, Saadi
SOURCE: World Economic Forum 31 Oct 2008

From she to she: Changing patterns of women in the Canadian labour force
by Roy, Francine
SOURCE Statistics Canada, 15 Jun 2006

Canada's commitment to equality: A gender analysis of the last ten federal budgets (1995-2004)
SOURCE Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 08 Feb 05

Women and the equality deficit: The impact of restructuring Canada's social programs
by Day, Shelagh & Brodsky, Gwen
SOURCE Status of Women Canada, 1998