Full-day learning in Ontario: Further updates

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Government Announcements/Media release

A commitment to Ontario's children: Moving forward with full day early learning for four and five year olds
Government of Ontario, 27 Oct 09

Government of Ontario. Ministry of Education. Early Learning Division

Transitioning to Ontario's new child care funding formula and funding framework: Supporting documents
18 Dec 2012

Ontario Early Years Policy Framework
23 Jan 13


Toronto daycares in schools fear eviction it they refuse to run before- and after-school programs for full-day kindergarten
Toronto Star, 15 Apr 13

Hudak will derail all-day kindergarten despite promise, McGuinty claims
Robert Benzie, Toronto Star, 1 Jun 11

Kindergarten split classes will 'shortchange' students
Kate Hammer, Globe and Mail, 25 Apr 11

Fate of all-day kindergarten in hands of Ontario voters
Robert Benzie, Toronto Star, 7 Mar 11

900 more Ontario schools to offer full-day kindergaten in 2012: McGuinty
Kristen Rushwoy and Tanya Talaga, Toronto Star, 2 Mar 11

Ontario announces $1.5-billion all-day learning for four and five-year-olds
Maria Babbage, Canadian Press, 12 Jan 10

Full-day kindergarten plan draws fire
Laurie Monsebraaten & Kristin Rushowy 8 Jan 10

Province to scrap key piece of full-day kindergarten plan
Laurie Monsebraaten & Kristen Rushworthy, Toronto Star, 15 Dec 10

McGuinty Cabinet betrays families as it abandons a bold vision of seamless full-day learning, says CUPE Ontario President
CUPE Ontario, 15 Dec 10

Full-day kindergarten popularity outstrips plans to pay for it
Kate Hammer, Globe and Mail, 6 Dec 10

No full-day kindergarten for First Nations kids
Tanya Talaga, Toronto Star, 11 Oct 10

The right move on early learning
Toronto Star, 28 Oct 09

Don't lose focus on early learning
Toronto Star, 23 Sep 09

There's a lot to learn from the new education system
Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, 21 Sep 09

Province supports integrated childcare and learning: Minister
Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star, 2 Sept 09

Will all-day school be ready for 2010?
Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star, 31 Aug 09

Act on full day learning
Editorial, Toronto Star, 31 Aug 09

More views on early childhood education
Letters to the Editor, Toronto Star, 29 Aug 09

Partnering on early childhood education
Letters to the Editor, Toronto Star, 29 Aug 09

Better experience with ECEs
Peter Murphy, Toronto Star, 28 Aug 09

Teachers and early educators can be classroom partners
Rachel Langford, Toronto Star, 25 Aug 09