Policy analysis and models

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Care and learning together


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This BRIEFing NOTE comprises the last chapter of About Canada: Childcare, by Friendly and Prentice, published by Fernwood Publishers in May 2009. It presents a vision for what an universal early childhood education and care system in Canada could look like from the program to the policy level, exploring the potential for Canada to move from a patchwork of disjointed programs to a comprehensive high quality system and suggests changes that would put such a system in place.


In 1998 responsibility for the Swedish preschool was moved from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to the Ministry of Education and Science. Preschool received its own curriculum and became the first step for children into the overall education system.

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In 1986, childcare, kindergartens and play centres (parent co-operatives) were integrated under the Department/Ministry of Education. In the context of a curriculum reform in 1990, New Zealand's first national early childhood curriculum was created, Te Whāriki (1993, 1996). This holistic curriculum focuses on family/parent/community links and Maori language and culture.

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