Case study: United States

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Research and analysis

Booming economy fuels continued expansion of for-profit child care
R. Neugebauer
SOURCE: Child Care Information Exchange, 131: 18-21, 2000
In print: CIRC ID# 13833

Caring for profit: The social, economic and political significance of for-profit child care
SOURCE: Social Service Review, 65 (3): 450-467. 1991.
In print: CIRC ID# 8063

The politics of federal day care regulations
J. Nelson Jr.
SOURCE: Chapter in Edward Zigler & Edmund Gordon (Eds.) Day care: Scientific and social policy issues: 267-306. Boston: Auburn House, 1982.
In print: CIRC ID# 1573

See also:

Examining profit and nonprofit child care: An odyssey of quality and auspices [See Reviews and overviews section]

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News articles

Child care firm is part of merger worth $1 billion
SOURCE: Statesman Journal, November 10, 2004

The rich-poor gap in decent preschools
R. Kuttner
SOURCE: Boston Globe, November 20, 2002

Child care for profit: Over there
SOURCE: The Economist, August 8, 1992
In print: CIRC ID# 8501

Quality sacrificed in proprietary child care
S. Meisels and S. Sternberg
SOURCE: Education Week, June 7, 1989
In print: CIRC ID# 3433

The McChild-Care empire
D. Bellm
SOURCE: Mother Jones, April 1987
In print: CIRC ID# 3061

Drive-in day care
J. Lelyveld
SOURCE: New York Times, June 1977
In print: CIRC ID# 374