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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Chatterji, Pinka and Markowitz, Sara, National Bureau of Economic Research 1 Jan 2004 United States
Walker, Kathy, Australian Education Union 25 May 2004 Australia and New Zealand
Beaujot, Roderic, Vanier Institute of the Family,  10 May 2004 Ontario
Gault, Barbara; Goergen, Elizabeth; Kiflu, Feven and Murphy, Heather, Institute for Women's Policy Research 1 May 2004 United States
Shore, Rima; Bodrova, Elena and Leong, Deborah, National Institute for Early Education Research 1 Mar 2004 United States
Scarth, Todd (Editor), Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 27 Apr 2004 Canada
Prentice, Susan and McCracken, Molly, Child Care Coalition of Manitoba 20 May 2004 Manitoba
Penn, Helen; Barreau, Sofka; Butterworth, Lisa; Lloyd, Eva; Moyles, Janet; Potter, Sylvia and Sayeed, Runi, The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI-Centre),  1 Jan 2004 Europe
The Integration Network Project: Bridging caring and learning for young children, The Integration Network 30 Nov 1999 Canada
Ontario Alternative Budget Working Group, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 10 May 2004 Ontario
[prepared by] Goldberg, Dianne, Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada,  1 Apr 2004 Canada
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Directorate for Education, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,  6 May 2004 Europe
Barnett, Steven; Robin, Kenneth; Hustedt, Jason and Schulman, Karen, National Institute for Early Education Research 19 Feb 2004 United States
Freiler, Christa; Rothman, Laurel & Barata, Pedro, Campaign 2000 4 May 2004 Canada
Canadian Policy Research Networks, Canadian Policy Research Networks ,  21 Apr 2004 Canada
Canadian Council on Social Development, Canadian Council on Social Development,  8 Apr 2004 Canada
Jenson, Jane, Canadian Policy Research Networks,  8 Feb 2004 Canada
Panel on the Role of Government in Ontario, Panel on the Role of Government in Ontario,  16 Apr 2004 Ontario
Hoffman, John, Today's Parent,  1 May 2004 Canada
Friendly, Martha, Childcare Resource and Research Unit,  1 Mar 2001