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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Children's Defense Fund, Children's Defense Fund 1 Jan 2001 United States
Capizzano, Jeffrey; Tout, Kathryn & Adams, Gina, The Urban Institute, Assessing the New Federalism Project 10 Sep 2000 United States
Saluja, Gitanjali; Scott-Little, Catherine & Clifford, Richard, Early Childhood Research and Practice 1 Sep 2000 United States
Grissmer, D. W., Flanagan, A., Kawata, J., & Williamson, S., RAND,  24 Jul 2000 United States
Blau, David M., National Bureau of Economic Research 1 Jul 2000 United States
Hinckle, D., U.S. Department of Education,  30 Jun 2000 United States
Hamilton, Gayle; Freedman, Stephen & McGroder, Sharon M., Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation,  1 Jun 2000 United States
Gallagher, J. & Clifford, R., Early Childhood Research and Practice 1 Mar 2000 United States
Mezey, Jennifer; Schumacher, Rachel; Greenberg, Mark H.; Lombardi, Joan & Hutchins, John, Center for Law and Social Policy 3 Mar 2002 United States
Bergmann, Barbara & Helburn, Suzanne, Palgrave,  1 Dec 2001 United States
Mitchell, Anne W., Foundation for Child Development,  1 Apr 2001 United States
Gallagher, James; Clayton, Jenna & Heinemeier, Sarah, National Center for Early Development and Learning,  1 Feb 2001 United States
Blau, David & Tekin, Erdal, Joint Center for Poverty Research,  1 Jan 2001 United States
Newman, Sanford; Fox, James; Flynn, Edward & Christeson, William, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids,  1 Oct 2000 United States
Mustard, Fraser & McCain, Margaret, The Founders' Network,  1 Apr 1999 Ontario
Childcare Resource and Research Unit, Childcare Resource and Research Unit,  1 Jan 1998 Canada
Sonenstein, Freya L.; Gates, Gary; Schmidt, Stefanie R. & Bolshun, Natalya, The Urban Institute 13 Jun 2002 United States
Capizzano, Jeffrey; Adelman, Sarah & Stagner, Matthew, Urban Institute 3 Jun 2002 United States
Adams, Gina; Snyder, Kathleen & Sandfort, Jodi, Urban Institute 28 Feb 2002 United States