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In this section, you will find responses from the child care community, community organizations, newspapers, opposition leaders and advocacy and policy organizations.

Federal budget highlights for OMSSA members
Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, April 2021

Watershed moment for child care, long-term care: Budget 2021
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 19 April 2021

Federal budget plan for child care is the turning point
Child Care Now, 19 April 2021

National child care roll-out will boost economy more than budget estimates
Centre for Future Work, 19 April 2021

Ontario child care advocates call on Premier Doug Ford to cooperate with the federal government on child care
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 19 April 2021

Child care advocates call on Premier Doug Ford to cooperate with the federal government
Business Wire, 19 April 2021

“If not now, when?” Liberals waste another shot at equitable recovery with Budget 2021
Canadian Union of Public Employees, 19 April 2021

Budget 2021 analysis: Does it deliver?
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | The Monitor, 20 April 2021

Federal budget 2021: 7 actions to ensure Canada’s ‘child-care plan’ is about education
The Conversation, 20 April 2021

Today’s BC budget has thrown cold water on the good childcare news we heard yesterday from the federal government.
$10-a-Day, 20 April 2021

Editorial: Ottawa and provinces must get deals done to make national child care a reality
Toronto Star, 21 April 2021

Editorial: Attempts to build national child care have failed for 50 years. Could this time be different?
The Globe and Mail, 24 April 2021

Budget 2021: How the sector fared 
The Philanthropist, 23 April 2021

Child care a new priority to support farming sector
Greenhouse Canada, 3 May 2021

Open letter: Recommendations for building an early learning and child care system in Nova Scotia 
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 25 June 2021

Open letter: Charitable, academic, and private sector leaders urge Ottawa limit child care funds to non-profit/public providers 
Early Child Development Funders Working Group, 29 June 2021

Mon, 04/26/2021