Media: Print and online

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National media

Ottawa promises billions for child care and long-term care, while EI reforms are on the way
Toronto Star, 19 April 2021

Liberals promise $30 billion over five years to create national child care system
CBC News, 19 April 2021

Canada to put up C$30 billion for long-awaited national childcare program
Reuters, 19 April 2021

Federal budget delivers big promises on childcare, tamer housing measures
Global News, 19 April 2021

Budget 2021: The Liberals' massive, historic, very costly bet on childcare
Maclean’s, 19 April 2021

Freeland says Liberals open to provincial daycare demands, but draws line around fees.
The Star, 20 April 2021

People were in tears’: Jubilation among child care advocates turns to focus on the work ahead
The Star, 20 April 2021

National child care: How can we afford not to?
The Globe and Mail, 20 April 2021

Ottawa promised $10-a-day child care in the federal budget. How would that work? A guide
The Globe and Mail, 20 April 2021

Can the liberals really make $10-a-day child care happen?
Refinery29, 20 April 2021

Feds’ plan for $10-a-day childcare by 2026 ‘huge’ for Canada, says advocate
City News, 20 April 2021

Too good to be true — or too late? Here's what parents think of Ottawa's new child care plan
CBC News, 23 April 2021

Speed of child-care plan up to provinces and territories: Freeland
CTV News, 24 April 2021

Child care won't be a 'magic bullet' that sparks post-pandemic recovery: Freeland
CBC News, 25 April 2021

Childcare at $10 a day would be a ‘game-changer’ for a young family’s finances 
The Globe and Mail, 25 April 2021

$10-a-day child care could change Canada's workforce
National Observer, 22 April 2021 

Quatre leçons à retenir du modèle québécois de services de garde
Policy Options, 27 April 2021

$10 per day daycare is absolutely doable—the pandemic proved it
Today’s Parent, 28 April 2021

Opinion: If the Liberals really wanted a successful federal daycare program, this one isn't it
National Post, 29 April 2021

Stephen Harper won an election while arguing against a national child-care plan. Can Erin O’Toole do the same?
Toronto Star, 30 April 2021

Ottawa’s squeeze play to get all provinces into its child-care plan
The Globe and Mail, 3 May 2021

Opinion: Federal budget has only one thing on the childcare menu
Calgary Herald, 1 May 2021

Opinion: Children's needs are universal and federal daycare plan can help meet them
Leader Post, 5 May 2021

Provincial/ territorial media


PEI: P.E.I.’s Early Childhood Development Association preparing for potential influx of money promised in the federal budget
Saltwire Network, 12 May 2021

New Brunswick

NB: Child-care operator 'excited' about money in federal budget
CBC News, 20 April 2021

NB: Accessible childcare in New Brunswick will depend on Higgs making use of federal funds
NB Media Co-op, 28 April 2021

NB: We can’t afford child care as it stands
The Toronto Star, 30 April 2021

Newfoundland and Labrador

NL: Affordable child care is great. But the real crunch in N.L. is spaces and staff, say workers
CBC News, 21 April 2021


QC: Educational childcare services: the FSSS-CSN asks the Legault government to invest federal money to save the network
CISION, 22 April 2021 


ON: Distribute federal child-care funds with municipalities in mind: Waterloo regional councillor
CBC News, 20 April 2021

ON: 'A huge commitment:' Sudbury advocate pleased with federal budget's child-care promises
CBC News, 20 April 2021


MB: How the federal budget will help childcare in Manitoba
CTV News, 24 April 2021 


SK: Saskatchewan parents, advocates welcome potential $10-a-day childcare
Global News, 20 April 2021

SK: NDP urges Sask. government to snap up Ottawa's childcare dollars 
Regina Leader Post, 20 April 2021

SK: Opinion: Let's go back to our roots in supporting childcare
Regina Leader Post, 10 May 2021


AB: Kenney slams door on own fingers by dismissing federal child-care plan
CBC News, 23 April 2021

AB: 'Nothing was available': Rural Albertans desperate for child care
St. Albert Today, 23 April 2021

AB: Province wants to figure out affordable daycare for itself: Toews
660 News, 21 April 2021

AB: Kenney government hastily cobbles together ‘working parents’ advisory panel’ to seek ways to undermine federal child care proposal
Alberta Politics, 28 April 2021

AB: Opinion: National child care would boost Alberta's economy and support families
Edmonton Journal, 1 May 2021

AB: What's at stake for Alberta as it awaits details on federal child-care plan
CBC News, 4 May 2021

AB: Status quo in child care is no choice for families
Edmonton Journal, 4 May 2021

British Columbia

BC: B.C. budget to expand $10-a-day child care, but misses the mark on ‘truly universal’ system
Saanich News, 20 April 2021

BC: Federal cash could help speed up B.C.’s child-care plans, minister says
The Toronto Star, 29 April 2021


NU: Living wage for child-care workers among top priorities, says NTI president 
Nunatsiaq News, 29 April 2021 

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