Media: Radio and television

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Radio and television

Video: Watchers weigh in on Liberal child care plan
CP24, 19 April 2021

Video: Child care advocates react to the budget promise of $27.2B over 5 years for child care
CPAC, 19 April 2021

Video: Liberals’ big spending pandemic budget
CBC National, 19 April 2021

Video: Alberta advocates celebrate federal childcare plan; UCP says more details needed
Global News, 19 April 2021

Women need help: The need for daycare spaces and creativity in today's budget
Metro Morning, 19 April 2021

Audio: Child care spending in the federal budget
NewsTalk 610, 20 April 2021

Video: Freeland promises what no other Canadian government could do in 50 years
Global News, 20 April 2021

Video: A path towards national child care?: Is child care key to Canada's economic recovery?
The Agenda, 20 April 2021

Video: Alberta pumps brakes on national childcare program
Global News, 20 April 2021Audio:

Audio: $10-a-day child care and a big-ticket budget
Front Burner, 20 April 2021

Video: Edmonton early learning and child care advocates happy with Budget 2021 outcome
CTV Morning Live - Edmonton, 20 April 2021

Video: Relief for families: Budget includes $30B over 5 years for national child care plan
CTV News, 21 April 2021

Audio/ Video: Budget Panel: Bezanson, Nicholson, Stanford + the Political Panel: Byrne and Reid
The Herle Burly Show, 21 April 2021

Audio: Universal child care: Is it for real this time?
CBC Front Burner, 22 April 2021

Webinar recording: What's next for child care - After the federal budget
Child Care Now, the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, and the Canadian Child Care Federation, 23 April 2021

Video: Will Ottawa’s childcare plan actually help parents during the recovery?
Global News, 24 April 2021

Audio: The future of child care in Canada: What to expect
Policy Options, 28 April 2021

Audio: Alberta NDP calling for province to support proposed national child-care program
KIX FM, 27 April 2021

Video: We need universal childcare now: Press conference
Councillor Mike Layton YouTube, 6 May 2021


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