curricula and pedagogy

Useful websites

Skolverket. Swedish National Agency for Education
Skolverket is the central administrative authority for the Swedish public school system including the preschool and school-age child care systems. Skolverket ensures that national targets for child care and the school system are achieved through development, research and evaluation. Skolverket's extensive English language website provides a wealth of information on the Swedish ECEC system.

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Reports from the OECD Thematic Review of ECEC

Early childhood education and care country profiles - Sweden
Source: OECD, 2006
Profile from Starting Strong II in pdf (7 pp.)

Curricula and pedagogies in early childhood education and care
Source: OECD, 2004
Full report in pdf (34pp.)

Early childhood education and care in Sweden
by Barbara Martin Korpi
Source: OECD, 2000
Conference paper in pdf (9pp.)

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