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Government documents

Government of Canada invests in accessible and disability inclusive early learning and child care system across Canada
Government of Canada, 22 June 2022

Early Learning and Child Care Agreements
Government of Canada, updated 3 March 2022

A Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan
Government of Canada, 14 December 2021
On December 14, 2021 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland released the Government of Canada's Economic and Fiscal Update for 2021. In her remarks, Minister Freeland highlighted the federal government's continued commitment to “making life more affordable for the middle class and those working hard to join it, including through significant investments in early learning and child care that will save young families thousands of dollars a year". A new Canada-wide backgrounder with a detailed table outlining the various jurisdictional agreements is available for the public.

Economic and Fiscal Update 2021
Government of Canada, 14 December 2021

​​Building a resilient economy: A cleaner & healthier future for our kids
Government of Canada, 23 November 2021

Community responses

Open letter to federal/provincial/territorial ministers with primary responsibility for early learning and child care (ELCC)
Canadian Child Care Federation, 12 July 2022

Open letter to federal/provincial/territorial ministers with primary responsibility for early learning and child care
Child Care Now, 11 July 2022

Ministers responsible for child care urged to make workforce crisis their first priority
Child Care Now, 11 July 2022

Child Care fees on track to drop substantially in most big cities, but not all are projected to meet targets: New report
Child Care Now, 10 May 2022

Game changer: Will provinces and territories meet the new federal child care fee targets?
Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, 10 May 2022

What federal budget 2022 said about early learning and child care
Child Care Now, 8 April 2022

Child Care Now calls on the federal government to engage in a full public consultation process prior to tabling Canada’s first-ever federal child care law
Child Care Now, 14 March 2022

Child Care Now calls on federal government to introduce a child care capital expansion program to support creation of promised 200,000 new licensed spaces
Child Care Now, 15 November 2021

Child Care advocates welcome Canada-Alberta child care agreement and call on Ontario and New Brunswick governments to join effort to build Canada-wide system of early learning and child care
Child Care Now, 15 November 2021

Momentum is building for a Canada-wide child-care system. Let’s keep it going
First Policy Response, 13 August 2021

A $10-a-day national child care plan will mean big savings for parents
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 15 July 2021

Media coverage

Note: Media coverage is listed from most recent to oldest.

What goes around comes around when it comes to for-profit child care
Rabble, 7 September 2022

The coming fight for ten-dollar-a-day childcare
The Breach, 25 August 2022

Child care is getting cheaper, but it's not the inflation buster Ottawa says it is
Financial Post, 19 August 2022

The Canadian early childhood sector
ECE Quality Ireland Podcast, 17 August 2022

Where’s your $10 daycare? How Canada’s child-care rollout is going so far
Toronto Star, 14 August 2022

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers meet to mark progress and advance shared priorities in early learning and child care
Newswire, 12 July 2022

Education ministers meet in B.C. to talk child care
iPolitics, 11 July 2022

Families in Canada to benefit from innovative early learning and child care
Newswire, 11 July 2022

How much parents benefit from the national child-care plans depends on where they live
Globe and Mail, 9 July 2022

Some cities will not halve child-care fees by end of year, study finds
CTV News, 10 May 2022

Child-care fees are on track to drop in some Canadian cities in 2022, says report
The Globe and Mail, 10 May 2022

Child care is Trudeau Liberals’ greatest legacy, but everyone appears to have moved on
The Hill Times, 25 April 2022

How does Quebec’s universal daycare work, and what can the national $10-a-day programs learn from it?
Globe and Mail, 16 April 2022

The promise of $10 child care
The Deep Dive, 14 April 2022

All of Canada is signed on to $10-a-day child care. When will parents see costs go down?
Globe and Mail, 1 April 2022

What does the national child-care deal mean for unlicensed operators?
Globe and Mail, 1 April 2022

National daycare plan is a gift to Canada’s economy that will keep giving
The Star, 29 March 2022

What’s next for making $10-a-day child care a reality in Canada?
The Decibel (The Globe and Mail), 30 March 2022

With daycare deals done, Liberals look to craft bill to enshrine child-care system
The Star, 29 March 2022

A look at federal child-care deals signed with jurisdictions across Canada
The Star, 28 March 2022

Lower daycare fees may remain years away for many parents, despite government promises
Globe and Mail, 22 March 2022

National child-care deal would be transformational
The Hamilton Spectator, 18 March 2022

National childcare plan great for women, society
The Lindsay Advocate, 18 March 2022

Affordable child-care program providing relief for families amid rising cost of living
CBC News, 2 March 2022

6-month update on national child care plan with Minister Karina Gould
Today’s Parent, 16 February 2022

National child-care plan needs an extra $1.1 billion, says PBO
iPolitics, 3 February 2022

Childcare is an essential service and a dysfunctional business
The Local, 20 January 2022

The $30B child-care challenge: building a new program from the ground up
CBC News, 1 January 2022

Canada Child Benefit still needed alongside national daycare system, minister says
CP24, 28 December 2021

With child-care program Trudeau finds a model for influencing provincial policy
National Post, 18 December 2021

The promise of national child care
Rise Up! - A digital archive of feminist activism, 18 November 2021

Why elections matter: National child-care plan could create workplace gender equality
The Conversation, 19 October 2021

Child care plan best hope for boosting Canada's economy
Financial Post, 23 September 2021

$10-a-day child care made for a good campaign slogan. The hard part is turning it into an actual plan
The Toronto Star, 28 September 2021

Video: Justin Trudeau and Minister Freeland discuss child-care plan in Markham, Ontario
CPAC - For the Record, 17 August 2021

Provinces sign daycare funding deals with Ottawa, as federal election looms
CBC The Current with Matt Galloway, 13 August 2021

Acting on the federal government’s vision of a $10-a-day national child-care system
The Toronto Star, 3 August 2021

A Canada-wide system of early learning and child care
Citizens for Public Justice, 30 July 2021

It will take pressure to get some provinces to sign child-care deal: Trudeau
CTV News, 27 July 2021

Liberal government negotiates child-care agreements with provinces as history repeats itself
The Globe and Mail, 23 July 2021

Senators urge better, affordable child-care programs
iPolitics, 22 July 2021

Federal Liberals bank on urban votes with affordable child-care program
The Globe and Mail, 16 July 2021

Here's how much you could save with the new child care plan
Today’s Parent, 15 July 2021

How 'choice' in child care might play out in the coming federal election
CBC News, 13 July 2021

Ottawa and Nova Scotia sign child-care agreement
iPolitics, 13 July 2021

Advocacy and policy tools

Article club: The promise of $10 child care
The Walrus, 21 April 2022, 8 PM EDT
Join Walrus writer Sadiya Ansari, and guest speakers Anjum Sultana and Karen Muir in a conversation about Canada's $10-a-day child care program and  what can be learned about doing it well and what pitfalls to  be avoided.

End of year one: Building a Canada-wide system of early learning and child care [Recording available]
Child Care Now, 23 March 2022, 7:00–8:15 pm EDT
Child Care Now, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, and Canadian Child Care Federation hosted a national webinar to discuss the progress on the Canada-wide early learning and child care system. The webinar addressed the challenges and opportunities ahead to build a high quality, truly accessible, affordable and inclusive system of early learning and child care in Canada.

Canada’s roadmap to affordable child care for all
Child Care Now, July 2021

$10 a day child care will dramatically reduce employment barriers for parents, 8 December 2021
This new study by economists Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky addresses the question of whether the $10 a day program will truly improve child care affordability and reduce barriers to employment for families. The study focuses on the situation facing two parent families with one infant child and one preschooler in each of the three provinces at different possible levels of income. The authors’ main conclusion is that the $10 a day program can and should dramatically change child care affordability and make employment a worthwhile option for many caregiving parents. The authors also note that some kind of sliding scale needs to be included to ensure that low-income families are not disadvantaged.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada’s historic federal budget 2021 and its plans to build a Canada-wide child care system
Canadian Child Care Federation, 21 September 2021


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