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Canada-Ontario Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement

The Canada-Ontario Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement was signed on March 28, 2022.

The agreement and action plan are available online.

Video: Premier Ford makes an announcement in Brampton
Office of the Premier of Ontario via YouTube, 28 March 2022

Federal press release

$10-a-day child care for families in Ontario
Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, 28 March 2022

Provincial press release

$13.2 billion child care deal will lower fees for families
Government of Ontario, 28 March 2022

Updates and next steps

Addendum to Ontario child care and EarlyON child and family centres service management and funding guideline (2022)
Government of Ontario - Ministry of Education, April 2022

Backgrounder: Ontario’s child care action plan puts families first
Government of Ontario, 28 March 2022

Advocacy and policy tools

The national child care plan: Childhood, disability and inclusion
Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario, 26 May 2022, 6:30-8:00pm EDT

Fact sheet: CWELCC wage improvement funds
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care & Association of Early Childhood Educators, 24 May 2022

Roadmap to universal child care in Ontario
Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario and Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 12 July 2021

ECEs and Child Care Workers are worth more: May 1st Toronto Child Care Brigade
Toronto Community for Better Child Care, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario & Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 1 May 2022, 11:30 AM–3 PM

The federal child care plan: Your questions answered
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care & Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, 29 March 2022

A workforce at breaking point - Rising up
Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario and Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 15 March 2022

Urgent action needed on child care safety and viability
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 25 January 2022

Petition: Tell Ford and Lecce to sign the child care agreement
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 21 Sep 2021

Imagine: Universal child care for all
Canadian Union of Public Employees - Ontario, 19 August 2021

Post-agreement community responses 

Ontario joins the rest of Canada with new child care agreement
People for Education, 8 April 2022

Ontario joins Canada-wide early learning and child care system
Child Care Now, 5 April 2022

Child care advocates celebrate the signing of thirteen Canada-wide early learning and child care agreements
Child Care Now, 28 March 2022

Ontario child care advocates celebrate hard-won victory with signing Canada-Ontario child care agreement; Call for stronger child care workforce strategy
Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care & Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario, 28 March 2022 

Ontario signs on to national child care agreement
Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, 28 March 2022

Ontario and Canada sign agreement for early years and child care
Association of Municipalities Ontario, 28 March 2022

Child care deal marks a generational turning point for Canadian families
Unifor, 28 March 2022

Post-agreement media coverage

Whatever happened to affordable childcare?
CBC Radio, 5 October 2022

National child care doesn’t include businesses run for profit
Toronto Star, 5 October 2022

Majority of licensed child care providers showing interest in subsidized system
The Wellington Advertiser, 5 October 2022

How intense pressure from for-profit daycares has transformed Ontario’s rollout of $10-a-day child care — and sparked a political standoff
Toronto Star, 2 October 2022

Naureen Rizvi to Ford and Lecce: Stop the erosion of public accountability and wage cap in child care rules
Unifor, 28 September 2022

Ontario weakened its $10-a-day child care funding rules. Now the federal government is demanding answers
The Star, 23 September 2022

Four district child care centers enroll in nation-wide program
Northern News, 21 September 2022

Kingston, Ont. Montessori opting out of $10-a-day daycare over funding concerns
CTV News Ottawa, 14 September 2022

Only 22 per cent of Ottawa child care centres have registered for $10-a-day program
CTV News, 14 September 2022

Ontario parents, daycare operators confused by province’s child-care subsidy rollout
The Globe and Mail, 13 September 2022

McMurrich/Monteith candidates on daycare
North Bay Nipissing, 12 September 2022

Child-care costs in Parry Sound district decreasing under new program
Parry Sound North Star, 12 September 2022

Lower child care costs coming for Waterloo Catholic kindergarteners in January: WCDSB
Global News, 29 August 2022

25% discount for licenced home daycares by Waterloo Region
Global News, 25 August 2022

Region approves rate cut for licensed home childcare
CityNews Kitchener, 25 August 2022

Simcoe County childcare operators concerned about opting-in to Ontario's $10-a-day program
CTV News Barrie, 23 August 2022

$10-a-day before- and after-care coming for kindergarteners in Waterloo public schools
Global News, 22 August 2022

Operators not all on board yet with Ontario’s new $10/day child care
The Peterborough Examiner, 18 August 2022

Carolyn Ferns, Policy Coordinator, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, tells Moore In The Morning why the province has to extend the deadline for operators to opt-in to the $10-daycare program
Newstalk1010, 18 August 2022

Local response rate to $10/day childcare 'pretty good'
Guelph Today, 18 August 2022

Ontario extending $10/day child-care opt-in deadline in hopes of more operators
CBC News, 17 August 2022

Ontario extending $10/day child-care opt-in deadline to get more operators to apply
CTV News, 17 August 2022

Sudbury parents seeing day care relief as city opts for provincial plan early
CBC News, 17 August 2022

Hundreds of GTA daycare operators have not opted into $10/day childcare as deadline looms
CityNews Toronto, 16 August 2022

Fewer than 10 child-care centres in Kingston, Ont. have opted into $10-a-day program
Global News, 16 August 2022

Daycares have two weeks left to opt into $10 a day program. Here is where things stand
CP24, 15 August 2022

Huron County receives updates on child care costing
Blackburn News, 15 August 2022

Half of London daycares ready to offer $10-a-day program
CBC News, 10 August 2022

Making child care more affordable, accessible and inclusive for families
Muskoka411, 4 August 2022

On affordable child care, Ontario’s non-profit programs are leading the way
Toronto Star, 2 August 2022

Most Waterloo region child-care centres expected to opt into $10 a day program, region says
CBC News, 28 July 2022

Time running out for non-profit daycare. '50 spots will disappear' when University of Ottawa demolishes building
Ottawa Citizen, 27 July 2022

Local child-care operators set to opt in to $10-a-day plan
The Record, 23 July 2022

Many child care centres seeking more info on $10-a-day program
Guelph Today, 21 July 2022

Only 17% of Toronto's licensed for-profit daycares have signed onto the $10-a-day program so far
CBC News, 21 July 2022

Only 1 out of 65 childcare providers in Waterloo region have signed on to $10-a-day plan
CTV News, 20 July 2022

London opens application for $10-a-day child-care funding
Global News, 18 July 2022

For parents, big child-care savings. For caregivers, 'a leap of faith'
Sudbury Star, 15 July 2022

London begins rollout of $10-a-day child-care program next week
CBC, 14 July 2022

Ontario child-care rebates starting to roll out but program remains a 'patchwork'
Global News, 12 July 2022

Most Toronto childcare centres have not yet signed on to $10-a-day care. Here’s why
CTV News, 8 July 2022

Video: Will Ontario ever see $10 a day childcare?
CTV News Toronto at Six Podcast, 8 July 2022

Ontario’s for-profit child-care owners demonstrate why they can’t be trusted to build Canada’s $10-a-day child-care system
The Star, 5 July 2022

As deadline to opt into $10-a-day child-care program looms, Ontario participation lags
Global News, 4 July 2022

This Toronto daycare doesn’t plan to offer $10-a-day child care under the new federal program. Instead, it’s hiking its prices
The Star, 3 July 2022

'We just don’t have clear information': Nearly 250 GTA child care centres have applied for $10 a day program
CTV News, 3 July 2022

If getting your child-care rebate seems like a mess, that’s because, behind the scenes, it is
Toronto Star, 29 June 2022

More than 155 daycares in Toronto have applied for the national child care program
Toronto Star, 24 June 2022

Ontario’s child-care agreement is poised to fail low-income children and families
The Conversation, 20 June 2022

When will childcare fees be reduced in the GTA? This is how each municipality plans to administer the $10-a-day program
CTV News, 18 June 2022

The Ontario government said child care rebates would start in May. In the GTA, most municipalities haven't even begun accepting applications yet
CP24, 17 June 2022

Child care costs set to come down to $10-per-day by 2025 for parents of young children: Here's what you need to know
The Star, 10 June 2022

Daycare operators wary about opting-in to $10/day child-care program
CityNews, 9 June 2022

'It keeps me up at night': Child-care providers in Ontario unsure if they will opt in to federal plan
National Post, 8 June 2022

Still waiting for lower cost child care on Hamilton Mountain
The Spec, 26 May 2022

Ontario families may have to wait for child-care rebates
CityNews, 18 May 2022

Ontario child care rebates were supposed to begin in May. That may not happen.
CBC News, 18 May 2022

Child care fees in Richmond second highest in Canada: Think tank
Richmond News, 13 May 2022

Ontario parents could wait months for savings due to delayed child-care deal, advocates say
CBC News, 7 May 2022

Why parents with kids in childcare in Ontario may be waiting until the end of the year for their rebates
CBC Metro Morning, 3 May 2022

Early childhood educators among those calling for increased pay at May Day event in Hamilton
CBC News, 1 May 2022

Ontario parents and daycare operators confused about when fees will drop
Globe and Mail, 30 April 2022

In Ontario, quality national childcare just suffered a major setback
Jacobin, 29 April 2022

Finding child care with flexible hours 'a real challenge for families' says advocate
Newmarket Today, 25 April 2022

County receiving $8.75 million from federal-provincial child care agreement
The Wellington Advertiser, 21 April 2022

Council asks consultant to find ways to mandate child-care spots in new developments
Collingwood Today, 21 April 2022

‘I'm so glad that it finally came true’: Sudbury daycare operator applauds deal to reduce fees
Sudbury.com, 17 April 2022

Brampton Mayor Brown promises to honour Liberal $10-a-day child care agreement
Insauga.com, 14 April 2022

What Ontario's child-care deal means for 'frustrated' parents: 'The system is broken'
Yahoo Style, 13 April 2022

$10 childcare attractive to parents, but industry needs to attract more ECEs
Chatham-Kent This Week, 12 April 2022

‘It’s about time’: Peel parents and child-care providers welcome $10-a-day deal, but questions remain
The Star, 11 April 2022

Subsidized daycare: A big win for families facing food insecurity
The Intelligencer, 1 April 2022

Longer waiting lists and possible staff shortages: child care industry braces for change
Guelph Today, 31 March 2022

Who’s not going to benefit from Ontario’s new subsidised daycare plan?
Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan, 31 March 2022

What difference will $10-a-day childcare make?
CBC Radio - Ontario Today, 30 March 2022

Daycare operators and advocates skeptical about childcare deal as industry faces worker shortage
CBC Radio - Metro Morning, 30 March 2022

Child care wages
CBC Radio - Afternoon Drive, 29 March 2022

Raise their pay or face shortage of workers to staff Ontario's new daycare spaces, advocates warn

CBC News, 29 March 2022

Ontario Minister of Education on coming to a deal with federal government on national childcare plan
CBC Radio - Metro Morning, 29 March 2022

Holdout Ontario signs on to Trudeau's $10-a-day daycare plan
Saltwire, 29 March 2022

Child-care deal touted as jobs game-changer for women
London Free Press, 29 March 2022

Video: Feds and Ontario sign deal for $10/day child care by 2025
Global News, 29 March 2022

'A game changer': Ottawa families react to new child-care deal
CTV News, 29 March 2022

Ontario deal on $10-a-day child care was worth the wait: Doug Ford
Londoner, 29 March 2022

With daycare deals done, Liberals look to craft bill to enshrine child-care system
The Star, 29 March 2022

Ontario’s child-care deal a ‘positive’ step, but staffing needs attention: Advocates
Global News, 28 March 2022

How Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau made a deal for $10 daycare
The Star, 28 March 2022

City memo outlines steps to reducing child care to $10 a day
Ottawa Citizen, 28 March 2022

Opinion: On child care, don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good
The Star, 28 March 2022

Advocates happy with child-care deal, still seeking increased pay for ECE workers
CTV News, 28 March 2022

Child-care deal for Ontario ‘happy news’ for families, but will there be enough spots?
The Star, 28 March 2022

Justin Trudeau’s $24 billion child-care program wins over final holdout Ontario
Bloomberg, 28 March 2022

‘Historic moment’ in Canada as Ontario strikes deal for $10-a-day childcare
The Guardian, 28 March 2022

‘Historic moment’ – DSSAB, others applaud child-care deal
North Bay Nugget, 28 March 2022

Ontario inks federal child-care deal, retroactive rebates to begin in May
CTV News, 28 March 2022

Ontario signs on to long-awaited federal $10-a-day child-care deal
The Globe and Mail, 28 March 2022

Podcast: Ontario reaches $10-a-day child-care deal with federal government
The Kelly Cutrara Show, 28 March 2022

Ontario parents to get rebates in May under child-care deal
Recorder & Times, 28 March 2022

Podcast: Ontario childcare deal
Toronto Today with Greg Brady, 28 March 2022

What does Canada’s $10 child care program mean for you?
The Star, 28 March 2022

Ontario reaches $13.2 billion child-care deal: Here's what parents need to know
CBC News, 28 March 2022

Pre-agreement community responses 

No good reason for Ontario to delay signing child-care agreement
Policy Options,11 February 2022

$10-a-day child care would move GTA families closer to a thriving wage
Wellesley Institute, 6 January 2022

Quinte West supports national child care program resolution
Quinte News, 7 February 2022

Ford punishing Ontario parents
Canadian Labour Congress, 24 January 2022

Editorial: Ontario and Ottawa need to stop posturing and make a deal on child care
Toronto Star, 16 November 2021

Child Care advocates welcome Canada-Alberta child care agreement and call on Ontario and New Brunswick governments to join effort to build Canada-wide system of early learning and child care
Child Care Now, 15 November 2021

Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement ignores the child care crisis in Ontario
Canadian Union of Public Employees, 5 November 2021

While the Ford government delays and distracts, child care advocates call for system overhaul; Ontario must make child care a right
Canadian Union of Public Employees, 26 October 2021

Sign the Ontario bilateral child care agreement with the federal government
Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Ontario Nonprofit Network & YWCA Toronto, 18 October 2021

Ontario’s big city mayors call on proof of vaccination and child care plan
Ontario’s Big City Mayors, 13 August 2021

Child Care Now (Ottawa) and CUPE 2204 joint statement on council support for universal child care
Child Care Now (Ottawa), 6 August 2021

Guelph and Ontario chambers encourage collaborative approach to implement Canada-wide child care system
Ontario Chamber of Commerce, 5 Aug 2021

Pre-agreement media coverage

Note: Media coverage is listed from most recent to oldest. 

Ontario reaches $10-a-day child-care deal with federal government: sources
CBC News, 27 March 2022

Trudeau and Ford to sign $10-a-day child care deal Monday
The Star, 27 March 2022

Ontario signs $10.2 billion child care deal with federal government: sources
CP24, 27 March 2022

Insiders say Ottawa may add millions in funding to convince Ontario to join national day-care program
The Star, 25 March 2022

Peel region needs 40,000 new spaces if Ontario agrees to $10 per day childcare deal
Global News, 18 March 2022

ECEs call for a provincial child care workforce strategy, including a $25 minimum wage, to address Ontario’s growing child care worker shortage
Financial Post, 15 March 2022

Where is Ontario's childcare deal?
Good Morning Hamilton on Omny.fm, 9 March 2022

How Ontario did — and didn’t — approach a child-care deal
iPolitics, 9 March 2022

Ontario submits child-care plan just ahead of looming deadline
Global News, 8 March 2022

'New phase of negotiations:' Ontario close to landing $10/day childcare deal
CTV News, 8 March 2022

Child-care deal with Ottawa ‘may take some time,’ Ontario education minister says
Global News, 8 February 2022

Child care deal should put priority on not-for-profit services
Toronto Star, 7 February 2022

Insiders say Ontario is ‘very close’ to deal for $10-a-day child care
Toronto Star, 25 January 2022

Ontario now alone in not signing federal child-care deal, opposition says parents 'paying the price'
CBC News, 25 January 2022

Nunavut signs on to child care plan
CTV News, 24 January 2022

Ontario now the only province or territory without a child-care deal with Ottawa
Global News, 24 January 2022

Ontario parents paying the price for Ford’s solitary stand on childcare costs
The Hamilton Spectator, 10 January 2022

New Brunswick gets a $10-a-day daycare deal, leaving Ontario as the lone holdout
Toronto Star, 10 December 2021

Ontario needs a child-care deal
The Hamilton Spectator, 8 December 2021

Ford’s delay on child care deal with Ottawa hurts families
Toronto Star, 7 December 2021

Education minister says feds now have Ontario's 'full complete financials' amid dispute over child-care funding
CP24, 7 December 2021

Hurry up, Kathleen Wynne tells Tories as negotiations for child-care funding continue with Ottawa
Toronto Star, 29 November 2021

Negotiations underway over Ontario child care costs
CTV News Toronto, 24 November 2021

Ottawa, Ontario draw lines in the sandbox before child-care talks
iPolitics, 23 November 2021

Ontario, feds to hold child-care negotiations Wednesday: Lecce
Global News, 23 November 2021

Insiders say Ottawa and Ontario officials will meet next week to hammer out a daycare deal
Toronto Star, 19 November 2021

As Alberta signs the federal agreement, everyone is asking: Where is Ontario’s child care plan?
Toronto Star, 17 November 2021

Video: Pressure mounts for Ontario child care deal with feds
CP24, 15 November 2021

Ford asks municipalities not to seek own child-care deals amid federal talks
The National Post, 10 November 2021

Ontario municipalities consider direct talks with Ottawa on cheaper child care
Global News, 9 November 2021

'It's time' for Ontario to sign on to national child-care deal, says Minister of Families
CBC, 27 October 2021

Advocates, organizations call for provincial plan to end Ontario’s ‘she-cession’
Global News, 26 October 2021 

Advocates call on Premier Ford to include decent work, expansion of non-profit spaces in Ontario’s child care agreement with the federal government
Business Wire, 21 October 2021 

Ontario remains holdout for federal daycare plan
CBC News: The National, 12 October 2021 

'It's not enough': Money at the heart of child-care disagreement between Ontario and Ottawa, sources say
CBC News, 12 October 2021

Province must be a willing partner in child-care program
Toronto Star, 12 October 2021

Prince Edward County council supporting national childcare program
QuinteNews, 12 October 2021

Has the pandemic really changed Doug Ford? A decent child-care deal would be a start in proving it
Toronto Star, 8 October 2021 

Entente sur les garderies à 10 $: Les parents franco-ontariens s’impatientent
ONFR+, 7 October 2021 

Local groups say affordable housing, childcare should be priorities for re-elected Beaches-East York MP Erskine-Smith
Beach Metro, 5 October 2021

'No reason to wait:' Liberal leader questions Ford's commitment to affordable childcare
CP24, 4 October 2021

Ottawa and Ontario inch toward child-care deal
iPolitics, 28 September 2021

Doug Ford needs to sign a child care deal for Ontario’s parents and economy
The Star, 22 September 2021

Ontario wants deal with feds on national childcare plan but no timeline as of yet: Ford
CP24, 22 September 2021

Ontario open to child care deal with federal Liberals, with some flexibility: Lecce
CP24, 16 August 2021

Editorial: Doug Ford must seize this child-care opportunity
The Star, 12 August 2021

Ontario should sign on to Ottawa’s $10-a-day child care plan 
The Toronto Star, 10 August 2021

Cities pressure Ontario to join national child-care plan
iPolitics, 22 July 2021

Opinion: As a federal child-care plan moves ahead, Doug Ford risks Ontario being left behind
Toronto Star, 18 July 2021

Opinion: Can Trudeau, Ford cut a deal on child care?
The Globe and Mail, 15 July 2021

Other Early Learning and Child Care Agreements 


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